Elly Lily: 31 day blog challenge-day 17

Saturday, July 18

31 day blog challenge-day 17

Day 17:
Why and when did you start blogging?
My first blog was a blog I shared with my sisters and my mom called "The Smith Creek Gang" where we posted pictures of things we did and pictures we had taken. (I am not sure when the first post was) Then I started my own blog Elly's Blog of Fun  because I thought it would be a fun thing to do! I started that blog on Thursday, February 28, 2012. You can check out my first post HERE! Which is a post called: "Fashion for Felicity" who is my AG doll, in the post I showed a few outfits that I put together (they are not the best)
After a while of posting on that blog. one of my friends Anna sent me and a few other friends a link to a cool doll blog: American Girl Fan 
I liked the blog so much that I decided to start my own doll blog which I named Felicity Fun,
A while later I got another AG doll (Julie) and then I changed the name to Doll STARS since it wasn't just about Felicity. I actually still post on that blog today!
Later on I got really bored of Elly's Blog of Fun. so I switched over to this blog! which went from "A Girl" to what it is today "ELLY"
So yeah, that is my long blogging story! :)

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