Elly Lily: 31 day blog challenge-day 19

Monday, July 20

31 day blog challenge-day 19

Day 19:
List 5 blogs you read on a regular basis and why?
I read a lot of blogs so this is kind of hard! ;) These blogs are in no particular order.

CeCe is my sisters blog, it is AWESOME! I love how simple and refreshing her design and posts are! :)
Demigods and Unicorns

This blog is run by one of my friends Anna, Her blog if so FUN! with her posts from photography, writing, to even recipes! the posts are great!
Wispy and Willowy

I love this blog! the posts are very nice and great photography! also I love her design! :)It is super COOL!
A Southern Girls Life

This blog is another of my friends Hannah! Her posts are really PRETTY! and her writing is always so beautiful! :)

and ..

A Beautiful Mess

This blog is AMAZING! it if full of fun tutorials, fashion shoots, tips and tricks and much more!

Of course there are lots more FABULOUS blogs that I love to look at like:
Another Enchanted Land and In My Boots

What are some of your favorite blogs?



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