Elly Lily: 31 day blog challenge-day 24

Saturday, July 25

31 day blog challenge-day 24

Day 24:
Describe your most embarrassing moment.
I don't really have a one big embarrassing moment. of course I have lots of moments where I am a little embarrassed like today I accidentally bonked our car door onto a car parked next to us (it did not damage the car thankfully) and the owner of the car was right there! but I always try to just shake it off! instead of thinking of it a lot!
here is a good quote that kind of relates to being embarrassed and scared of what people might think of you:
ooh, and I love this quote even more that Luna Lovegood is on this picture!!! :)
Oh, and also remember to not take it too serious!
So yeah, that was my little advice of the day for ya! ;)
Have a good day!


  1. I have been loving your posts about the 31-day challenge and I'm sad to see that it's close to over. But anywho! I've done that before, but the car owner was never around, thank goodness. I think why it's hard to remember embarrassing moments in our lives is because of how we don't pay much attention to them in the first place!

    1. Aww! thank you Vanessa! I am very glad you have enjoyed these posts! (I will probably do more of these in the future!) :)