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Monday, July 27

Writing Prompt Contest entry

Hi everyone! as you know from this post Hannah from A Southern Girls Life is having an awesome Writing Prompt Contest check it out here! anyway there are only four more days to enter so get your entries in quick! ;) oh, and also I hope it is ok that I put a picture with my entry! if there is no pictures aloud then you do not have to include it. here is my entry:

                                                            I chose Prompt #3

All of a sudden Alex felt herself falling through the air, one minuet she had been standing there her feet firmly set on the ground, the next minuet she was falling right through the air.
But it wasn't like she had fallen through a hole in the ground or anything on the ground at that matter, she was falling upward. only a few moments before she had felt a sharp little tug like something or someone was trying to lift her up and then she had just started falling.
Alex was not startled or frightened as you might of thought and as you would probably be.
Instead she was just frustrated.
"not again" she thought as the wind swept through her dark brown hair and pricked her face, feeling like millions of small sharp needled.
Alex new where she was going in fact she had gone there many times.
she was going into the dream of a young girl. Sophie who was only six years old.
anytime Sophie had a dream then Alex would fall into the dream as well.
Some times the dreams were happy ones with unicorns and cotton candy, other times they were not so good. revealing little bits of Sophie's past of which no one knew a thing about.
Except Sophie and Alex.
This time Alex hoped the dream was a good one.
There was another sudden tug and Alex hit the ground. Luckily not very hard but it always startled Alex.
She got up and roughly brushed herself off. She looked up to find little Sophie with her blond long hair and rich chocolate brown eyes. standing in the middle of a huge dark field a few yards away from Alex. on the other side of the field there was a family, with a mother, a father, and a boy who looked about fourteen though it was hard to tell since everything was misty and dark.
The seen flashed a bright vibrant red color and Alex new what was happening.
Now she was in Sophie's thoughts
where she could see, feel, and think everything that Sophie could.
She looked over at the family walking away from her.
They had left her.
They really had. The family she had ones called hers. They had seemed so nice for so long but then as she had stood there watching them. they had gone so quickly.
She had tried to run to them maybe they had just thought that she was with them. but as she ran she saw them glance back, look her in the eye and kept going.
She wished she had known earlier when they had brought her to the place in which they had known she wouldn't suspect anything.
She had felt so secure, so happy to be there with them
Just what they wanted.
But then a thought came to her.
one that surprised her. She wondered where it had come from, as she stood there watching the only family she ever had and loved leave her she wondered.
why did she feel happy.
Hope you liked it! I have not written anything in a long time but I am getting into it again and I cant wait to write more! :)
-Elly <3  

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