Elly Lily: August 2015

Friday, August 21

the calm after the storm, sky-2

Which photo was your favorite?



Hello everyone! So a little while ago the sky was really cool! it kept changing from this cool pinkish orange sunset, to a warm filter feel, and then even to a double rainbow! and with a sky like that you of course have to take at least a few pictures!

Sunday, August 9


my mom took this last photo of me ^ (edited by me)
That is all of the photos! Which one was your favorite?


Starbucks! I am so obsessed with Starbucks! it is just so good! I got a smores frappe!



Which picture was your favorite?


Hello everyone!
Today my family and I went on a fun trail walk and then to Starbucks! it was really fun and I took lots of pictures so I hope you enjoy them! <3
What did you do this Sunday?