Elly Lily: 777 Challenge

Wednesday, August 5

777 Challenge

Hi everyone!

The lovely Isabel from One-Thousand Words has tagged me to do the 777 Challenge! thank you! Lets get right into it!

-share seven lines from the seventh page of one of your manuscripts
-tag seven blogger
Instead of sharing 7 lines from the 7th page, (since I haven't writing a whole book) I will just share some of my writing:
Here is one of the first things I ever wrote! It was actually my second post on this blog!

The fire's warmth rose up into the cold thin air. The waves splashed up against the rocky ground trying to put out the glow. She walked in her worn boots, her hands invisible in her long striped sweater. She wondered when she'd ever see civilization again, when she'd eat again, and if she'd ever get the chance to do so. The fire blazed with hope. The flames danced in possibility and she wondered what would happen next.  
I Tag:
Have fun!


  1. Wow, I love this! Sounds like an interesting book. One great for a book worm! What's the book called?


    1. Thank you Isabel! I actually did not write a whole book, this is just a piece of writing that I did a while ago. ;)