Elly Lily: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Sunday, August 2

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hi everyone! A while ago on the awesome blog      she did a fun photo scavenger hunt and it looked like lots of fun! so I decided to try it out this summer! it was really fun to think up different ideas and search for the best shot! :)
You can check out that post here!
without further ado, here are my pictures:
1. A Very Relaxing Place
sitting by the lake with the cool breeze through your hair and the sound of the water splashing against the rocks.

2. The Biggest Tree
Sometimes the smallest tree can be the biggest tree, it is all how you see yourself.

3. Something Shiny
Our hanging star.

4. The Funniest Thing You can find
I thought this little pumpkin was pretty cute and funny!

5. Something that Begins with the letter Z

6. Someone Taking a Picture.
taking a photo of a pretty flower

7. The Inside of Something
an orange.

8. Something Red
a croquet mallet and ball.

9. An Animal
my cat Prilla

10. Your Reflection in an Unexpected place
my reflection in the laundry machine.

11. Someone or Something looking Unusually small.
(remember perspective)
my sister Audrey.

12. Light
pretty self explanatory.

13. An interesting view of the sky.
a sunflower looking up and the bright blue sky.

13. Someone's Eye
14. Something Round
a watermelon.

15. A Shadow

16. Movement
Prilla running through the grass.

17. The Letter H
I was looking around and saw an H in the bowl pattern.

18. A Group Photo
My two besties Layne and Mia!
I hope you enjoyed this challenge!
Now I challenge you to do this challenge!
If you do leave me a comment with a link so I will be able to check it out! :)


  1. Hi Elly! My name is Ellie. hehe. Your photography is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it! What kind of camera do you use? These pictures are all so beautiful and unique!

    1. Thank you Ellie! Thank you so much! I am glad you like it! :)
      I use my families Nikon digital D50, DSLR.
      But for the last picture I used my sister's Nikon Coolpix S32.
      Oh, and also! love your name! lol!