Elly Lily: Photoshoot behind the scenes and extras

Tuesday, August 4

Photoshoot behind the scenes and extras

Hi everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed the photoshoot posts! I have enjoyed posting and sharing them with you! anyway, here are some behind the scenes and extra type pictures for you!

The geese. They are really funny cause they will act really tough and mean but then when they actually come up to you they just stand there. but they still always scare me! They are kind of like this little geese gang! ;)

Layne was so sweet and got us all these super cute friendship necklaces! <3

Getting the best shot of Sampson!

The typical shoes picture!

cute Tempest!

Lets play a game called "who can spot the cat first"


Me being weird and singing a Dora song! :P lol

Taking pictures!


  1. Awesomeness! Love all the pictures! Did you take them all? Anyway, I came to tell you ELLY that I tagged you in a challenge!

    At: http://onethousandwordsatatime.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi Isabel!
      Thank you so much for tagging me and the nice compliments on the pictures!!! I took all of the pictures in this post except for the two last ones.
      if you mean for all of the photoshoot posts: I took most of them but for the ones with me in it one of my friends or their little siblings took it with my camera. ;)

      Again thank you! :)