Elly Lily: September 2015

Wednesday, September 16

Cerise Hood

Here are some pictures of a painting that I did of a character named Cerise Hood from my sister's favorite show Ever After High.
-Elly <3

cats, sky, and clouds

Hope you enjoyed these random photos of a cat, sky and some pretty clouds that remind me of cotton candy and unicorns! <3




*I suggest not reading the words on the book if you are reading the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olimpus because it may containing spoilers*
Hope you enjoyed these photos

Monday, September 14

DIY arrow wall art

Items you will need
A canvas
a paintbrush and a sponge brush
First since I covered my canvas with this white paint like stuff (sorry I forgot what it is called)

on your tape draw an arrow.

cut it out and then I stuck the top of it to a chair and cut it out going up to the top.

stick them onto your canvas.

With a sponge brush lightly sponge on paint near the edge of your arrows. and then peel the tape off.

Then fill in the extra space with black paint and you are done!


Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! :)