Elly Lily: October 2015

Saturday, October 31


Your Halloween Costume
YAY!!! it is Halloween! and it is also the last day of Blogtober! not yay that it is the last day but yay that is was such a fun challenge!
The last challenge is to share your Halloween costume! Sorry I don't have photos at the moment of my costume, (I will post some photos probably tomorrow) But anyway,
I am going to dress up as Merida from Brave!
 :   :
What are you being for Halloween?!?
Thank you all for joining me on this fun Blogtober adventure! It was very magical!
Stay Magical

Friday, October 30


October Favorites
Hello everyone! although it is currently 12:02 and not even the 30th anymore, Here I am anyway bringing you today's blogtober! "yay! for blogtober!" :)
Okay, so lets get right into it!
My favorites this month have been...
Even though I just started this book but I have been obsessed with The Mark of Athena.
cat ears, leather jackets, and cute scarves!
 :     :   DIY Leather Cat Ears Headband | A Lil' Cute & A Lil' Meow:
Love Myself-Hailee Steinfeld
Love Will Remember-Selena Gomez
Let it Go-Africanized Cover (feat. One Voice Children's Choir)
and crafting
cute little ghosts
fall candles
 :    :   :
Have a good day night!
Stay Magical

Thursday, October 29


Recent Music Favorites
Hello everybody! Todays fun challenge is to share your recent music favorites! So, I am going to share with you all wonderful people what my recent favorite songs are! ;)
Lets jump right into it!
"does a little awkward jump"
"falls on face"
"gets up sheepishly"
gives big cheesy smile with a thumbs up"
"hops into post"
Okay, so starting with my favorite artists at the momento!
 :       :
Here is a list of ten songs that I have been loving lately!
So yes, those were my recent favorites! It was super hard to pick though cause there is so much music in the world and so much good stuff to listen to!
What is your favorite song at the moment?
Stay Magical

Wednesday, October 28


What You Read In October
This October I finally finished The Son of Neptune. Which was actually one of my kind of "goals" for this month! So yay! "throws confetti, sprinkles and little flowers in the air"
But anywoo! And right now (even though this in not part of the challenge, too say this but) I am reading currently the next book in the series...
The Mark of Athena! I am so exited! I have heard lots of good things about this book from friends and I cant wait to really get into it!
Also I just wanted to say please don't give any spoilers in the comments, sorry I just really hate getting spoilers cause when I was reading the HP series then I got spoiled on all the books, so with this series I am being extra careful! ;)
What did you read this October?
Stay Magical

Tuesday, October 27


Hello awesome peoples! So I haven't really done many Halloween decorations in my room, cause I am planning on redoing my room a little and right now it is just kind of mix matchy and stuff, So instead of giving you all a tutorial on a Halloween décor I am going to show you a few DIYs that I have been wanting to try out and like from Pinterest!
Don't worry though I will start posting more DIYs on my blog but lately I have been pretty busy with Halloween coming up and such. ;)
Click on the links that I have listed below the photos to see tutorial posts or videos on the items! (they are all links except for the diamond piñata)  
5 DIYs That I Have Been Loving Lately
 :   :
  :  :
Stay Magical

Monday, October 26


So todays challenge is to do a post giving your opinion on something! At first I was having trouble picking out what I wanted to do it on but then I thought! "since it is fall and Halloween time why not do something with that?!" So today I am going to tell you my opinion on 10 Halloween Costumes (that I have seen lots of on Youtube and Pinterest and such)
I like all of these costumes but I am just going to tell you what I like and don't like as much!
Also I just got all of these photos from either Pinterest or just google, and I don't mean to offend those who the photos actually belong to. ;)
This post is just a fun little post, And you may tell me your opinion on these costumes in the comments as well!
In no particular order he is...
My Opinion on 10 Popular Halloween Costumes of 2015
Starbucks Frappe Halloween Costume!!!:  Starbucks!:
1. Starbucks Frappe
This costume I have mixed feelings about, Like the picture above of Laurdiy in it looks like a super cute costume but then I have seen other pictures where it just looks messy and uncomfortable.
So yes, Overall it is a cute costume idea for those who like to keep it pretty simple and like starbucks frappes!
4 easy DIY Halloween costumes -- I like the minion and the hipster princess. Maybe even the creepy doll? LOL:  
"Minion Costume DIY" by shahs2017 on Polyvore:  How to make a minion cake. Despicable me is a great film and kids will love this cake.:
2. Minion
I am not the biggest fan of minions but I like them! and I also like this costume! I think it is pretty cute! You can make it a super easy and quick last minute costume or you could go all out!
social media Halloween costumes:
 Social media is one of the ways that many businesses gain recognition. With over 500 billion people on Twitter today and thousands more joining ever day, it's becoming easier and easier to use Twitter to reach customers. So many different companies use Twitter as a way to tell their customers about new sales or products #twitter #tweets: What Are The Advantages/Disadvantages of Making YouTube Videos:
Heard about Pinterest, but at a loss for how to get started? Follow this easy guide to joining and using the social pin-board site.:  Before or after the #Facebook acquisition, #Instagram still rocks for #travel photos:
3. Social Media
This costume can be a group costume or you can just do it for yourself, I am not the biggest fan of this costume though. I don't know why but I just don't really like it. It is nice if you are looking for something last min but for me personally I don't think that I would ever do this costume.
Disney/Pixar's "Inside Out":  Disney/Pixar's "Inside Out":  The first character poster from Disney/Pixar's 'Inside Out': Sadness I am her. Not because I am sad but I look like and dress like her...:
 :  We're afraid that Bill Hader is the perfect voice actor for Fear in Disney Pixar's Inside Out animation. #nesteduniverse:
 How to Make Inside Out Characters for an Epic Group Halloween Costume via Brit + Co.:
4. The Emotions from Inside Out
This seems like a really fun group or single costume! I am kind of obsessed! I especially love the tutorial that Ingrid Nelson did! So cute! So yes, I am just really loving this idea and maybe someday I will dress up as one of the emotions!
Magical Unicorn bluebonnets photography session #fortworth #keller #childhood #photographer #light #leaks #flowers #unicorn #wildflower #princess #outdoor #tween #teen #mystical #dawnlopezphotography:  Meet Hamlet the piglet. Hamlet (aka Hammy) is also a unicorn.:
Which Dark Magical Creature Are You? You got: Dark Unicorn. (You’re a beautiful and treacherous creature. In many ways, you’re similar to your pristine and beloved counterpart, but you value pragmatism over idealism. Though people are drawn to your beauty, you prefer to remain aloof. You’re willing to fight, and kill, when it comes to protecting yourself.):
5. Unicorn
As you might know I am a big unicorn enthusiast! I am SUPER obsessed with them! So this costume is AWESOME! I was thinking of being one this year but then I decided on Merida but this costume is really cool! And can we just take a moment to take in how cute that pic of the little pig in the unicorn costume! two things that I love! <3
Looks from Books: Nerdfighters Unite - Fashion inspired by John Green's novel The Fault In Our Stars:  "cute nerd costume" by awesome-guy on Polyvore:
Nerd Glasses Template | even made a nerdy glasses template to share with you:  School girl chic is a cool look to try. This look can get even geek-chicier when you pair it with your wildest patterned shorts to make it all the less drab. The hipster glasses are the biggest trend in glasses at my school currently!:  
6. Nerd
A nerd costume is a really easy and cute costume! I think it is a good last min costume, Cause it has pieces that you can find in your closet! ;)
Grab your BFF and dress up as the dancing girls emoji.:  No sew emoji Halloween costume:  This emoji costume would be super easy to DIY.:  Guess what? Me and Dylan made our mom get us emoji apps 😝 ~Blake ps so now me and Dylan can use emojis😜:
7. Emoji
The emoji costume is cute but I don't really love it. ;) It is really simple and easy but I just don't love it. :I
Cute Witch Halloween Costume Idea: Witch Cupboard:  #Witch #Cupboard ~ The Witches Brooms - Enzie Shahmiri.: Witch:
8. Witch
I like this costume, you can make it either really cute or creepy! I like to go for the cute version! ;) With a little black dress, striped tights, heels, and a witch hat it makes a super easy and awesome costume!
 :  5 for 7: Five DIY Halloween Costumes for Under Seven Dollars | Her Campus:  Cat Ears Headband - Last Minute Halloween DIY + Printable Pattern:
9. Cat
Being a cat is pretty cliché and basic but it is such a cute and simple costume!  I really like it!
10. The four seasons
And last but not least is the group costume to be the four seasons! I don't love this costume but it is nice! just not my favorite thing ever.
What is your favorite costume out of the ones I showed you all?
Stay magical