Elly Lily: Blogtober-10

Saturday, October 10


Hello Everyone! How is your day? Mine has been good! Right now I feel so cozy and fresh because I just took a nice shower and now I am having fun blogging and listening to Let It Go! <3
What are you doing at the moment?
Here are a few of my ways to stay cozy!;)
Your Ways to Stay Cozy in Fall
Light a Candle
Fall candles are so awesome! they smell amazing and really make everything instantly feel cozy!
Listen to Music
Music can really put you in one of the best moods ever! To feel cozy I would try looking for some calm, slower songs to really give a cozy vibe! ;)
Wear Cozy Socks
Adorable cute knitted boot socks fashion:
knitted socks are a good must have for fall! They just make it all feel so COZY! Also, big oversized sweaters, scarves and knitted beanies feel warm and cozy as well!
What are the things you do to make it feel cozy? wow! I just realized that I have said the word cozy a lot! I have just looked and I now see that I have said cozy ten times! eleven if you count the two cozies that I just said! XD
Have a good day!

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