Elly Lily: Blogtober-15

Thursday, October 15


What book are you currently reading? How do you like it so far?
At the moment I have been reading one of the books in the series Hero of Olympus, called The Son of Neptune.
I have been reading it for a while now and I hope to finish it up soon. I have been really enjoying this book, and also this whole series, the characters are awesome and I love how they show each characters point of view in each chapter.

One thing that I could do without at some parts of the book is all the fighting, don't get me wrong I enjoy a good battle in books but sometimes in this book I wish that there could be a little more of getting to know the characters and them simply just talking to one another.
But I love everything else about this book! I totally recommend this series if you are looking for a book that is fast paced and has really good characters.
Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? Just please don't give spoilers!


  1. I have read this book and its whole series and really like it.