Elly Lily: Blogtober-17

Saturday, October 17


Favorite Fall Scents
Fall candles
We don't usually get fall candles or many candles in general. But this year we found a goo fall candle! It smells so good! Every time I see it sitting on the counter I run over and smell it because it smells just like fall!
Cinnamon is such a warm fall smell! And it also tastes delicious on warm baked treats!
Candy on Halloween
I love when it is after you have just gone trick or treating and then you pour out your bag to find lots and lots of candy! and then the smell just overwhelms you and then the candy takes you into a magical land called Unicordia where you become a unicorn queen and eat lots and lots of chocolate while grooming your beautiful unicorns!
hah! jk! that doesn't really happen.... maybe. but anyway! I do love the smell of some good 'ol' candy!
What is your favorite fall scent?


  1. I really like the smell of candy after halloween. To me it almost smells like victory.

  2. I have tagged you to do "The Song Tag" that I created