Elly Lily: Blogtober-18

Tuesday, October 20


Hello everyone!
Unfortunately I missed days eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, because on the eighteenth I was sick and feeling well... pretty horrid (I am feeling great now though!) and on the nineteenth I was resting after being sick and completely forgot about Blogtober. :( But now I am back and ready for business!
So now I hope you enjoy these posts while I catch up! ;)
This Week I...
Monday- So last Monday I went to theatre rehearsal and we had a dress rehearsal! it was really fun and the press came that night to watch and take some notes about the show!
Tuesday- We had another dress rehearsal which was also "family night" where the casts families could come and watch the dress rehearsal. ;)
Wednesday- On Wednesday I had my friendzies over to do creative stuff and what not. Which was really fun!
Thursday- Then on Thursday I had a fun time at theatre cause it was our first show! Yay!
Friday- And last but not least I did yet another show! Which was also super fun! We have been working on this show for a while now! We are putting on "Dorothy in Wonderland" And I play Lion.


  1. Seems like you had week filled with theatre.


    1. yep! Lately I have been doing lots and lots of theatre! XD