Elly Lily: Blogtober-19

Wednesday, October 21


Ugh! I keep forgetting or not being able to get these posts up! but today is the day my beautiful, awesome friends today is the day that I will get these last few Blogtober posts up!
I, Elly Unicorn, magical, glitter child Elly. Will achieve this goal!
Aaannywaaays... The challenge for today is to share a diy that you have done so...
DIY Hanging photo wall art
Here is a quick way of spicing up your room for fall! or any season really!
Items you will need
clothes pin
paint (optional)
and pictures
first step- first hang you string. I just nailed two pieces of string from one side of a window to another side of a window but you can really do whatever, depending on where you would like this to go.
second step- if you want your clothes pins different colors simply paint them. I chose to paint them white. Also print out some photos that you have taken or were from the internet. (I used a mix of both) You could also draw the pictures if you like.
third step- then all you have to do is hang up your photos using the clothes pins! and you have a pretty cool décor piece for you room!
Hope you enjoy this diy! and if you make this I would love to see, shoot me an email at elyseart123@gmail.com