Elly Lily: Blogtober-2

Sunday, October 4


Some things that are my essentials to making fall cozy are...
cozy fall clothing
I am currently obsessed with fall fashion! everything is just too cute!
coffee, tea, or any starbucks drink
pretty self explanatory! Who doesn't love a good cup 'o' coffee.
fall fanatic friends
my friends and I have been so exited for fall since August!
music is a must for any season! it just really puts you in the best mood ever!
a big comfy blanket
to stay warm on those cold crisp days!
a camera
to capture all of those fun fall moments!
What are your fall essentials?


  1. I love cozy fall outfits! Mostly sweaters, or leggings, or boots, or sweat shirts...
    I love tea and definitely starbucks. I also love apple cider.
    Ugh I love fuzzy blankets!
    Lovely list!

    1. Thank you Emily! and yesss! Love all of those things! <3

  2. All of these things sound very awesome