Elly Lily: Blogtober-25

Sunday, October 25


This Week I...
Monday- On Monday I didn't do much because I had been sick the day before and so I was just resting the whole day.
Tuesday- We had two school shows for the play I am in. (Dorothy in Wonderland, I play Lion) The shows lasted about the whole day and they were really fun cause on one of them my two best friends and the rest of our homeschool group came!
Wednesday- Then on Wednesday I don't think I did that much. mostly blogged and such.
Thursday- We had another show!
Friday- and another show! ;)
Saturday- and yet another! And after this show we had the cast party where we went to one of the actors house and ate lots of food and talked and such!
Sunday- And now we come to Sunday, today. So today I am blogging and in about a half hour or so we are going to go the our very last show. :( which is really sad cause We have been working on this play for a long time, I have had such a fun time with it!
But anyway we also have set strike (where we take down the whole set and clean everything and such) But other then it being the last show, I am really exited for it!
One more thing! I took a few photos and videos at theatre yesterday so stay tuned for a post with those! (unless they turned out really bad and blurry) ;)
Have a wonderful day!
Stay magical