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Wednesday, October 28


What You Read In October
This October I finally finished The Son of Neptune. Which was actually one of my kind of "goals" for this month! So yay! "throws confetti, sprinkles and little flowers in the air"
But anywoo! And right now (even though this in not part of the challenge, too say this but) I am reading currently the next book in the series...
The Mark of Athena! I am so exited! I have heard lots of good things about this book from friends and I cant wait to really get into it!
Also I just wanted to say please don't give any spoilers in the comments, sorry I just really hate getting spoilers cause when I was reading the HP series then I got spoiled on all the books, so with this series I am being extra careful! ;)
What did you read this October?
Stay Magical


  1. I love the Son of Neptune and The Mark of Athena is even better:) Happy reading:)

  2. The Mark of Athena is my very favorite out of all the Percy Jackson books! You are so lucky that all the books have come out- I waited an entire year for The House of Hades to come out XD. Enjoy!

  3. IKR Nabila!

    And yes, I agree Vivan The Mark of Athena is a really good book!
    and also thanks!