Elly Lily: Blogtober-4

Sunday, October 4


This Week I...
Monday was actually my birthday and I turned thirteen! We had also been having our aunt and uncle over for about a week so they were there too! which was fun! For my birthday I got to open some presents from my family and I got a camera! I had saved up my money and my parents put some money in to help me buy one! so yeah! that was super cool! The rest of the day we didn't do much but then in the evening we went to play rehearsal for the play Celia and I are doing called: Dorothy in Wonderland. I play Lion!
On Tuesday we had to drop off are aunt and uncle at the airport and then later in the day we went to play rehearsal.
We had an Odyssey meeting with our friends! Odyssey is a cool thing were you have a team of about seven kids and you have to solve a problem and make an eight minute skit. Like last year my team had to make a silent movie and you have to include different things and characters while making it as out of the box and crazy as you can! ;)
We went to another play rehearsal!
Friday I had my two best friends over for my birthday party! and they stayed over the night! I also went to Walmart and Target.
I hung out with my friends and we did a fun fall photoshoot in between all the rain! (I will post the fall photoshoot photos soon!)
And last but least we have come to Sunday aka today! So yes, today I am blogging as you might of guessed and after I post this post I am going to make lots of giant roses!
for the Dorothy in Wonderland play for Queen of Hearts rose garden! <3
And that is what I did this past week! :)