Elly Lily: Blogtober-5

Monday, October 5


5 Tips You Would Give To a New Blogger
1. Get a good design.
 This will just make your blog look pretty which will get you inspired to start posting and when people stumble upon your blog then they will see that they like the design and get interested in your blog! One of the first things that I do when I find a new blog is look at the design so it is a pretty important part of starting a blog! ;)
2. Comment on other bloggers blogs leaving a link to your blog.
 I suggest saying something nice about their blog like about their great photography, tips, diys or design! then just sign your name (or whatever you usually do) and then put your link, I usually click on peoples links to their blogs more if they just leave it at the end then if the whole comment is about them wanting you to follow! ;) that way will work for people to click on it but I just prefer to leave it at the end! ;)
3. Make or get someone to make you a button.
this is great incase you are interested in doing button swaps and people can just put your button on their blog if they like your blog!
4. Have fun.
 blogging is a really fun thing to do! really just have fun with it! find new blogs and maybe even become blogging friends with some people (just be carefull not to give personal information to just anyone, make sure to be carefull on the interweb kids!) ;) also, some fun things to do on your blog is challenges! like this one which gives you lots of fun post ideas!
5. And last but not least be yourself.
cause those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind! <3
Hope you enjoyed this post and found these tips helpful!