Elly Lily: Blogtober-6

Tuesday, October 6


Top 6 Favorite Bloggers and Why.
I look at a lot of blogs and there are so many bloggers that I love and lots of my friends are bloggers too so it is really hard to pick just six! but anyway, I will have to so here are my some of my favorite bloggers! (not listed in any order)
Rose is so sweet and always some super nice comments on my blog! I love her posts and her blog designs are always so beautiful.
Bethan is so cute and I love her blog! She writes really well and her posts are always so cool!
Emily's photography is amazing! I love her blog design and all of the teal and gold in it!
Her posts are always so cute! and she has a great sense of fashion! she was actually one of my first followers so thanks for that! <3
Her blog has great tips and tricks! and I LOVE the design! :)
Jordan's photography is beautiful and I love her blog! It is always so inspiring!
So yes, that is my 6 favorite bloggers! <3 Have a good night everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! <3 It was super hard to pick just six because I don't really have a "favorite" since there are so many awesome bloggers like you! :)