Elly Lily: Blogtober-8

Thursday, October 8


Favorite Things to do in October
Here are a few of my favorite things to do in October and in fall! Of course it changes every year but this is what I have been loving this past month.
Go Trick Or Treating
I am so exited to go trick or treating this year! I have not decided what I will be but I cant wait to figure out and get creative! plus who doesn't love candy! I am a big candy saver so I usually keep my candy for a while I actually still have a piece from last Halloween!
I have been busy with acting a lot this month since I am in the Dorothy In Wonderland play! It has been really fun! and we just have a few more rehearsals till opening night! :)
Really Take in the cozy fall vibes
Fall is my favorite season! I love the coziness, coffee, style, holidays, and just overall feel of it!
Put Together Fall Outfits
Fall style is probably my favorite part of fall so I have been loving pairing different pieces together to create new looks!
And lastly I have been loving blogging! This challenge is so much fun and it is really challenging me to blog more which I love!