Elly Lily: The Shopping Tag

Friday, October 23

The Shopping Tag

Picture Edit made by me.
(drawing not by me)
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Hello everyone! I got tagged to do the Shopping Tag by the lovely Nabila. Thank you so much for tagging me! this will be fun!
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What is your favourite shop (non-food)?
I really like Forever 21, Target, and Aeropostal!
Spending your money or saving your money?
Saving. ;)
What is your favourite food / fast food store?
My favorite food is "wow! that is hard!" I really like sushi, pizza, and really anything sweet!
and my favorite fast food place is probably, well this isn't really a "fast food place" but I love Starbucks!
Do you enjoy clothes shopping? If so, why?
I love clothes and really anything fashion but for some reason I don't really like actually going out and buying clothes at the store, (I love wearing them though) Places like Target or Khoals I like but I just never liked the mall. cause it is really loud and idk
But I do love seeing all of the cool clothes just not the loud music and stuff. XD
and any of you who would like to!