Elly Lily: The Song Tag

Wednesday, October 21

The Song Tag

The Song Tag

List the rules and include the button in your post.
Answer the questions.
Tag a couple other bloggers do this tag. (Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.)
First song that comes to your mind.
both Let it Go from Frozen and Nightingale by Demi Lovato.
A song that always makes you happy.
Either Your Loves Like-Sabrina Carpenter or Give your Heart a Break-Demi Lovato.
A song you hate.
One song that I am not super fond of is Happy-Pharrell Williams. A lot of people like it but I just don't like it! ;)
Favorite romantic song.
um.. I am not really sure most songs are seem to be about "romantic" type deal. XD But yeah, I don't know.
Favorite sad song.
This song isn't particularly meant to be a "sad song" but it is a very feel filled song, Nightingale-Demi Lovato
A song that brings back memories.
A song that you have been playing on repeat.
I have been lately loving Bet on It-High School Musical.
Favorite song by your favorite artist.
There are so many artists with so many songs, So it is hard to pick a favorite artist! I don't have one but I always seem to listen to either Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift,
My favorite song by Demi is Made in the USA
My favorite song my T Swift is Bad Blood
(at the moment)
Weirdest song you like.
Too Cool-Camp Rock which is really weird since that is the mean girls song and she is saying mean stuff, but. is. just. too. catchy!
All time favorite song.
Aghh! nooo! this is such a dreaded question! I don't have a favorite song But my favorite song right this second (cause it changes a lot) is.....
Flashlight-Megan Nicole cover
I tag
And anyone else who would like to!
Thank you Celia for creating this tag! I had fun doing it!
Have a good day everyone! <3


  1. I will definitely be doing this tag(maybe you could remind me if I don't soon cause I have a horrible memory)


    1. okay, awesome! and sure! I will remind you! ;)

  2. Sorry that I'm late but I'm going to do this tag for sure! Thanks for tagging me girl :)