Elly Lily: November 2015

Monday, November 30

Daily December

Hello Friends!
Sooooo! As I was walking into my dear sister's room and seeing that she had already changed her calendar to December. it hit me that today was indeed the last day of November. and that meant that tomorrow is truly the first day of December and Christmas time!
So I did what any normal person would do and conjured up a little blogging plan for December. ;)

And I came up with Daily December! (name idea goes to the lovely Celia)
What is Daily December

Well, I loved doing the wonderful Noor's Blogtober Challenge so much that I got inspired by it and kind of Vlogmas too. To make my own daily blog posting challenge!

If you are not very familiar with these everyday blogging challenges then here is the just of what to do:

In this post I will write out a list of 30 little posts for each day of December (not including Christmas though cause I don't think anyone including myself will be able to get a post up on Christmas)

And then everyday starting tomorrow and ending December 31st I will (and I totally encourage you all to do so if you please) do the little challenge for that day.
Then ones you have posted your post of the day come back to this little blog and you can put a link to your post in the comments of my post for that day.
Hopefully that was clear and not confusing!
But without further ado here is the posts for each day of December:
Daily Prompts
Day 1- December goals
Day 2- OOTD
Day 3- rant about...
Day 4- Best Christmas memory
Day 5- This week I...
Day 6-Winter essentials
Day 7- Winter Playlist
Day 8- Your opinion on...
Day 9- Something you have never done on your blog before
Day 10-First things that you do to get into the Christmas/winter spirit
Day 11- share a winter DIY
Day 12-Favorite winter trends
Day13- Winter Pinterest roundup
Day 14-Favorite Christmas present you have ever given to someone
Day 15- Christmas tradition
Day 16- Interview someone
Day 17-Room tour
Day 18-Write and share a winter or Christmas six word story
Day 19-Make a collage that perfectly describes Winter to you
Day 20-OOTD
Day 21-Current favorite celebs/music artists
Day 22-Write a little inspiring post (with quotes and such)
Day 23- Favorite YouTubers to watch
Day 24- What are you currently reading/how do you like it so far?
Day 25-no challenge/post since it is CHRISTMAS!
Day 26- How was your Christmas, what did you have fun doing?
Day 27-Current obsessions
Day 28-Optional, What to post on this day is completely up to you! ;)
Day 29-five of your favorite Instagram accounts that always inspire you
Day 30-Favorite things to do in the winter
Day 31-December recap
So yes, those are all of the prompts for December! Hope you like them! And feel free to do this challenge along with me and join the fun! :)
Stay Magical

Friday, November 27

Writing Contest- please read if you have entered or would like to

Hello Everyone!
So a while ago I did a post announcing that I am going to be doing a writing contest. Unfortunately I forgot to announce the winners.
Thank you so much to all of the people who entered and so sorry that I forgot to let you know who won.
Anyway since I don't really have many people who entered. I have decided to expanded the date.
This time you have to get your entries in by December 14
and on December 15th I will post all the entries and the winner!
If you have not entered and would like to you can check it out here!




Hello amazing peoples!
As you may have guessed from the title it is my...
300 POST!!!
wow! it feels like just yesterday I was starting this blog up and writing my first post!?! And now all of a sudden..BAM! the little thing "a" ma bob that says how many posts you have done is ready 299, and now 300!
Thank you all for following this blog and all of you beautiful sweet comments! They always make by day! <3
For my 300 post I am going to do 3 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit!
Since thanksgiving is over now is the time for Christmas!!! I have been getting so exited for Christmas but since I didn't want to forget about our dear friend thanksgiving then the Christmas spirit inside of me was pushed down, but today is the day to let it loose!!!!
so yes, anywoo! here are 3 ways to get "Christmassy" ;)
1 Listen to Christmas music
 :   :
There are so many Christmas songs so this is totally the time to start making those holiday playlists! XD I will probably be doing a Christmas playlist for you all some time soon so look out for that!
2. Decorate for the holidays
DIY gold leaf pine cone garland from The Sweetest Occasion | Photo by Alice G Patterson:  Painted Mason Jars for Christmas, red & white and candy cane painted jars:  DIY Christmas cushions.:
Decorating really makes your home/room feel Christmassy! And there are so many options to go with! like:
or everything! XD
3. Watch Christmas videos
✱✦☆☪ Ɩ MƖƧƧ ƳƠƲ ☪☆✦✱∘:   :
What really gets me in the Christmas spirit is watching Holiday/Christmas YouTube videos! I love watching diys and hauls to get really inspired!
Hope this was fun and helpful!
Also! Let me know in the comments if you enjoy these type of posts where I share collections of photos via pinterest. ;) 
Have a good day!

Tuesday, November 24


Hello wonderful friends,

So today I thought it would be fun to write a quick or not so quick (depending on how this turns out) post about what I have been loving and doing lately. So lets all grab our binoculars and little pineapple pillows, put on some snazzy nerd glasses, sprinkle glitter in our hair, grab the nearest thestral around you, hop on and lets fly right into this post!!!
Elly- writing out weird intros since 2002
Lately I have been completely redoing, organizing, and decorating my room! It has been super fun so far. (I will post some photos of the finished product) I have been super inspired by Alisha Marie's room décor video. Check it out here!
Also, if we are talking about really currently aka right now. I am currently sitting on the floor in my room which is in the midst of being decorated. typing out this post. listening to Break a Heart by Demi Lovato. And feeling very happy cause I just went on a walk and then drank some delicious peppermint hot cocoa!
I have been trying to branch out a little more with music lately and I have been even more obsessed with songs and music (is that even possible?)
My favorite artist at the momento is probably the one and only T Swift. Her songs are so catchy and fun! although tis sad that they aren't on thy spotifi. But her songs are really awesome anyway!
My favorite songs at the moment are...
I Know What You did Last Summer
by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabella
by adela cover by Sabrina Carpenter
Better Together-Acoustic
by Fifth Harmony
Written In the Stars
by The Girl and The Dreamcatcher
by Taylor Swift
Shake it Off
by Taylor Swift
by Taylor Swift
I have been pinning style and fashion drawings like a crazy man a lot lately and I have a few trends/styles that I have been loving.
 :  Emma Watson wears a full Saint Laurent suit // #Style #Celebrity #Fashion:   :   :
Blazers and suits
I love this style! I have seen a lot of women celebrities wear suits and I love how put together and minimalistic it looks.
 :   :
Fur Coats
Of course I only like them if they are totally fake fur. But I just love the look of a big dramatic fur coat!
 :   :
Black Overalls
For some reason black overalls seem to be really in right now and I am totally on board of the black overall fan train, Whoo! WHooo!! (okay, yeah... that was kinda strange)
 :   :
Little Crowns
Although I don't (and not many people) wear crowns everyday. (I should maybe do that though! XD)I have just been obsessed with pinning amazing, cute and just artistic crowns!
So this is a kinda random category but the hairstyles I have been loving (or should I say pinning) are:
 :   :   :
I don't have any crazy colors on my head at the moment but I think colorful and bright hair is so awesome!
I also think that cool braided ponytails and faux hawks are awesome as well!
My favorite people celeb type wise have been:
 :  :  A l i s h a:
Emma Watson
Taylor Swift
and Alisha Marie
My favorite quote is-
Thing that Inspires you
Lately what has been really inspiring me (combined with everything I just shared with you all) are fashion illustrations and art!
 :  :   :
They are so cool, creative and artistic!!! I have been wanting to draw some of my own. I drew one but I love them so much I want to draw lots! ;)
So yes, as it turned out this was not the quickest post on the block! But it was fun and that is all that really matters in the end!
I hope you have enjoyed this post! And if you have or are going to do a post like this one I would love to hear about it! leave a little link 'o' monster (<I have no idea) down in the comments! And I will check it out. like it. love it . obsess over it. and repeat.
But anywhoo! Hope you all enjoyed this post with all of the fun pictures via pinterest, weird little remarks and catchphrases and maybe you even got a tiny bit inspired with the things I shared!
Have a good night friendzies!
Stay Magical

Saturday, November 21