Elly Lily: 300

Friday, November 27


Hello amazing peoples!
As you may have guessed from the title it is my...
300 POST!!!
wow! it feels like just yesterday I was starting this blog up and writing my first post!?! And now all of a sudden..BAM! the little thing "a" ma bob that says how many posts you have done is ready 299, and now 300!
Thank you all for following this blog and all of you beautiful sweet comments! They always make by day! <3
For my 300 post I am going to do 3 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit!
Since thanksgiving is over now is the time for Christmas!!! I have been getting so exited for Christmas but since I didn't want to forget about our dear friend thanksgiving then the Christmas spirit inside of me was pushed down, but today is the day to let it loose!!!!
so yes, anywoo! here are 3 ways to get "Christmassy" ;)
1 Listen to Christmas music
 :   :
There are so many Christmas songs so this is totally the time to start making those holiday playlists! XD I will probably be doing a Christmas playlist for you all some time soon so look out for that!
2. Decorate for the holidays
DIY gold leaf pine cone garland from The Sweetest Occasion | Photo by Alice G Patterson:  Painted Mason Jars for Christmas, red & white and candy cane painted jars:  DIY Christmas cushions.:
Decorating really makes your home/room feel Christmassy! And there are so many options to go with! like:
or everything! XD
3. Watch Christmas videos
✱✦☆☪ Ɩ MƖƧƧ ƳƠƲ ☪☆✦✱∘:   :
What really gets me in the Christmas spirit is watching Holiday/Christmas YouTube videos! I love watching diys and hauls to get really inspired!
Hope this was fun and helpful!
Also! Let me know in the comments if you enjoy these type of posts where I share collections of photos via pinterest. ;) 
Have a good day!


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    1. Thanks Nabila! Glad you like them! I will keep on doing then! ;)