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Tuesday, November 24


Hello wonderful friends,

So today I thought it would be fun to write a quick or not so quick (depending on how this turns out) post about what I have been loving and doing lately. So lets all grab our binoculars and little pineapple pillows, put on some snazzy nerd glasses, sprinkle glitter in our hair, grab the nearest thestral around you, hop on and lets fly right into this post!!!
Elly- writing out weird intros since 2002
Lately I have been completely redoing, organizing, and decorating my room! It has been super fun so far. (I will post some photos of the finished product) I have been super inspired by Alisha Marie's room d├ęcor video. Check it out here!
Also, if we are talking about really currently aka right now. I am currently sitting on the floor in my room which is in the midst of being decorated. typing out this post. listening to Break a Heart by Demi Lovato. And feeling very happy cause I just went on a walk and then drank some delicious peppermint hot cocoa!
I have been trying to branch out a little more with music lately and I have been even more obsessed with songs and music (is that even possible?)
My favorite artist at the momento is probably the one and only T Swift. Her songs are so catchy and fun! although tis sad that they aren't on thy spotifi. But her songs are really awesome anyway!
My favorite songs at the moment are...
I Know What You did Last Summer
by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabella
by adela cover by Sabrina Carpenter
Better Together-Acoustic
by Fifth Harmony
Written In the Stars
by The Girl and The Dreamcatcher
by Taylor Swift
Shake it Off
by Taylor Swift
by Taylor Swift
I have been pinning style and fashion drawings like a crazy man a lot lately and I have a few trends/styles that I have been loving.
 :  Emma Watson wears a full Saint Laurent suit // #Style #Celebrity #Fashion:   :   :
Blazers and suits
I love this style! I have seen a lot of women celebrities wear suits and I love how put together and minimalistic it looks.
 :   :
Fur Coats
Of course I only like them if they are totally fake fur. But I just love the look of a big dramatic fur coat!
 :   :
Black Overalls
For some reason black overalls seem to be really in right now and I am totally on board of the black overall fan train, Whoo! WHooo!! (okay, yeah... that was kinda strange)
 :   :
Little Crowns
Although I don't (and not many people) wear crowns everyday. (I should maybe do that though! XD)I have just been obsessed with pinning amazing, cute and just artistic crowns!
So this is a kinda random category but the hairstyles I have been loving (or should I say pinning) are:
 :   :   :
I don't have any crazy colors on my head at the moment but I think colorful and bright hair is so awesome!
I also think that cool braided ponytails and faux hawks are awesome as well!
My favorite people celeb type wise have been:
 :  :  A l i s h a:
Emma Watson
Taylor Swift
and Alisha Marie
My favorite quote is-
Thing that Inspires you
Lately what has been really inspiring me (combined with everything I just shared with you all) are fashion illustrations and art!
 :  :   :
They are so cool, creative and artistic!!! I have been wanting to draw some of my own. I drew one but I love them so much I want to draw lots! ;)
So yes, as it turned out this was not the quickest post on the block! But it was fun and that is all that really matters in the end!
I hope you have enjoyed this post! And if you have or are going to do a post like this one I would love to hear about it! leave a little link 'o' monster (<I have no idea) down in the comments! And I will check it out. like it. love it . obsess over it. and repeat.
But anywhoo! Hope you all enjoyed this post with all of the fun pictures via pinterest, weird little remarks and catchphrases and maybe you even got a tiny bit inspired with the things I shared!
Have a good night friendzies!
Stay Magical


  1. Awwwww yessss home decorating. I'm such a sucker for that sort of thing xD especially the stuff in her video, the minimalism with pops of color. I've been thinking of redoing my room too - maybe around my birthday sometime. Hmm.....
    Style is one of my favorite songs from Taylor tbh. I also really like Blank Space and Haunted though.
    Dyed hair is epic. I wish I could dye mine, but I go to a private school that doesn't allow any unnatural hair colorings. *sigh* I would dye it black with green, blue, and purple ombre at the bottom, I think.

    1. I agree home decorating is fun! That is cool that you are thinking of decorating your room as well!
      Blank space is a great song of Taylor's as well! I have not heard haunted... I will have to check it out!
      And black, green, blue and purple hair sounds awesome!!!

      Thanks for commenting Ellie!!!
      Elly <3

    2. I just noticed that you guys pretty much have the same name it is juts spelled diferently

  2. I think the hair you are pinning is so cute! I would love to have hair like that but that's not going to happen anytime soon.... dont think I could pull it off well. Have a good thanksgiving! <3