Elly Lily: Daily December-13

Monday, December 14

Daily December-13


YAY! I absolutely love doing these! And since I am just a tad bit obsessed with doing posts with pretty pinterest photos this post will be filled with little photo collections and inspiring photos!
So, since it will most likely be a little longer then most posts then lets just get right into it!
I am not exactly sure what is the exact right way of doing these posts but how I do them anyway, is I will go through all of my Pinterest boards and show a few of my favorite winter/holiday photos from that board. ;)
 :   :   :
My style board is one of my favorites and these three photos are too cute!
 1. I love the glittery makeup with the white braided hair.
2. this coat is too fabulous.
3. and though I have shown this picture before on my blog, I do LOVE this super christmasy style photo so preppy but still cozy!
 :   :
1. I have been loving funky braided ponytails like this cool voluminous one!
2. Love the suit with this high pony!
 :    :   :
1. love this photo of Emma Watson, It is so Christmasy!
2. This photo of T Swift is awesome! love the makeup and top!
3. for some reason I have been loving to pin pictures of Emma Watson, although I am not the biggest fan you will meet but there are just so many cool photoshoots that get me really inspired for my own doll photoshoots! like this beautiful photo!
1. I really like this photo! It really seems to fit the book that I have not written any of but have been getting ideas about. ;)
 :  .:
1. I love this quote! It is so magical!
2. This is such a cute photo with the glitter and it is so christmasy!
 :   :
1. This board has lots of beautiful and inspiring photos like this cute one of the awesome gold xmas tree!
2. And I love this one! It is so "wintery"
1. Luns is AWESOME and this photo of Luna is also AWESOME! I love this drawing!
  :   :
1. Love this nuna fanart! So cute!
2. "HOGWARTS IS MY HOOOMEE!" -Harry Potter
 :   :
1. This is such a good shot of Elsa love the editing!
2. This art is too cute!
1. one word.... YUM!
 :  :  :
1. this photo of an adorable golden retriever is too precious!
2. This photo screams winter and is so pretty!
3. I love me some bears and this photo is so cute!!!
4. YASSS! This photo is perfect! snow? check. Christmas? check. adorableness. check, check and check!
1. this photo of Cinderella is so elegant, her dress is beautiful!
1. This is so simple yet festive, I love it!
 :   :   :   :
1. I LOVE this photo! I really want to draw it sometime! AGHH! It is just too cute!
2. This drawing of an eye is so good! I love it!
3. I have been loving little drawings of these type of girls with the cute outfits and yeah, that kind of style, and this one it awesome!
4. this one is so pretty!
1. this is such a "cool idea" haha! get it cause the name of this board is cool ideas....no? okay. :D
but this is such a cool idea!
So yes, that pretty much wraps up my Pinterest Roundup! I have other boards like Little Things and such but those are kind of boring so I decided not to include them!
Hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. Cool post! Those are some awesome pictures :)

  2. Great pictures!