Elly Lily: Daily December-16

Thursday, December 17

Daily December-16

Hello wonderful friends! So sorry this is a day late but it is here now so! "yay!" "throws glitter in the air"
Anyway, the prompt for day 16 is to interview someone so I have asked the amazing Rose from Self Known if I may interview her here and she kindly said yes. So without further ado lets get into the interview!

1. When and why did you start blogging?
​I started blogging in October 2011​ when I discovered Liz's blog, American Girl Fan. I loved how she had such raving fans and I thought, "Hey, this is cool." So I called my mom, told her about it and started a blog through Blogger without having a clue as to what I was doing. Ahh, the good ol' days.

2. What are your favorite words of wisdom that you think are good to keep in mind?
"Feel the fear and do it anyway."​ So many of us don't achieve our dreams or don't do what we feel we should because we're afraid. We don't want to feel uncomfortable. We don't want to put ourselves out there. We don't want to fail. 
Fear has paralyzed us and 
​I think it's time each and everyone of us gathered our courage to fight the good fight. We only get one chance at life - let's not waste it being afraid.​

3. What was the happiest day of your life?
Oh goodness, which to choose... I think the happiest day of my life was visiting the college I plan to go to. I loved everything about it - the campus, the people, the teachers. The community and presence of God. It was magnificent. It was either that day or last Christmas when I got One Direction concert tickets. That was a pretty happy day too. ;)
4. If you had one wish what would you wish for? (Besides more wishes)
Only one wish, eh? I would wish to see my best friend one last time. Without the past, without the worries of the future. Without our families even. I'd wish for one more real life moment with her.

5. What does your blog focus on?
My main blog, Self Known, focuses ​mainly on Self (identity, productivity, time management), Creativity, and Inspiration. I used to be all over the place, but for the New Year I've decided to start fresh (again) and really pay attention to the content I put out there for my readers. :)

I also have a newsletter starting with the New Year centered around the same topics, if you're interested!

6. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Slowing down. Sometimes I get so busy focusing on blogging, working on a novel o​r even burying myself in my schoolwork that I forget to take time for myself. So when I have spare time, I tend to pour it into something else. Recently, though, I've noticed I love to sit down or lay in bed and just be. I love to slow my pace and notice how cold my room is, or how productive I've been. I love doing things for myself and other people. I love the little moments life creates and I love being present for them.

7. What is your blogging ritual?
Generally my "ritual" goes a little something like this:​

*gets inspired to write an epic post at half past midnight*
*opens phone, goes to Notes and type type types*
*yawns and blinks at phone screen*
*type type types*
*turns phone off*
*turns phone back on*
*types a little more here, edits a little more there*
*contemplates on what the graphic should look like*
*makes notes for tomorrow*
*falls asleep at 2AM*

What can I say? My muse visits me at the weirdest of times. But on a serious note, other than this, I don't really have any blogging rituals. Sometimes I wait until I'm inspired, other times I force myself to sit down and painstakingly type one letter at time. Depends on the day.

8. What is the type of clothing that you wear on a regular basis?
Comfy.​ Seriously, I'm wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt as I write this. I love comfy clothing. big sweaters, fuzzy socks and casual jeans are my go to. But I do have to say, I enjoy dressing up sometimes (makes me feel pretty and elegant), especially for church. :)

9. What was your first post about?
Um... Hm... I think my first blog post was about ​American Girl Dolls - I think it was along the lines of "I have two dolls, can you guess which ones they are?" Yeah... What was I doing? #Throwback

10. Favorite part of blogging?
Connecting with​ other bloggers. I love love love hearing what people have to say - how they relate to others, how they feel, their opinion - it's all very interesting to me. I also love the creative side of blogging and how there are millions of helpful resources out there. I love finding those little holy grail posts that make me spin in my desk chair and go "THIS IS SO PERFECT I COULD CRY".
Thank you so much Rose for letting me interview you! I had so much fun thinking of questions and reading your answers!
You all should defiantly go check out her blog! click here!

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