Elly Lily: Daily December-17

Friday, December 18

Daily December-17

Hello everyone! and sorry that this is another late Daily December post I thought I would be able to post this yesterday but then I realized that is was a room tour and it was getting dark and I didn't have any time to take photos but at least it is here now! :)
As you know I have been redesigning/ organizing my room for a while now and it is practically done except for a few things like changing my desk chair's seat cover, and adding a few little décor ideas for Christmas! But for the most part it is done so here is my room!
This is an overview of my room. I was really inspired by Alisha Marie's instagram, Youtube vidios and just here in general cause she is ma fav! For my Christmas decorations that I am doing I am doing blue, pink, gold and silver! I have really been into the pastel pretty look this December!

Stating on the first wall (which is to your left when you come in) I have this R5 poster up, My sister is a big fan of them and her, my mom and I went to a concert a while ago, and I got this poster! I am not the biggest fan (I am thinking of taking the poster down) but for now I have it up! ;)

Then over my bed I have these string lights with Christmas/winter photos hanging from them!

And here is my bed! It used to be a bunk bed (cause I shared with my sisters) but I decided to change it up and take the top off!

I am planning on getting/making some cute decorative pillows but for now I just have this cute pink fluffy pillow that my little sister made me for Christmas

On the next wall there are two windows and in the middle my book shelf.

Which on the top has a silver tree, my fun decorative tree, a jar with chapstick etc in, and a gold tin with nail polish.

Then on the first shelf I have to pictures of quotes and a little crown ornament that I got at Target and am obsessed with, and also a fun rock cactus that I made.

On the second shelf I put a picture of my awesome friends and I and then a picture I painted.

And finally on the last shelf I have a picture of my besties and I, a clay donut made by yours truly, and a frame tray with some accessories.

And on the last wall I have my desk.

Which has a cool jar filled with ornaments and a garland that I made.

My new lamp which I love! and a organization type thing that I made.

And of course my wall calendar!
Hope you enjoyed this room tour!


  1. You should create a tutorial on how to make that wall calendar. I love it! :)

    1. Thank you Rose! Glad you like it!
      I actually have done a quick diy on it!
      you can check out that post here-