Elly Lily: Daily December-22

Tuesday, December 22

Daily December-22

Don't Give up!
Always repeat in you head that you can do this not that you can't
You got this!
Confidence is knowing that whatever happens in life you can handle it and get through whatever is pushing you back.
Try something new. Feel the fear and do it anyway.:
Fear is what pushes us all back
But instead of feeling the fear and thinking "I cant" feel the fear. realize and acknowledge it. and then change to "I can"
Always think on the optimistic side of things.
Nothing will happen if you sit their thinking of the worst situation to something.
By thinking of what could happen, what would be best if it happened.
You are already headed in that direction.
Everything good is only good if you make it good.
You have the power of making a situation good.
It is all in you head. you can control yourself.
You Got This

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