Elly Lily: Daily December-27

Sunday, December 27

Daily December-27

Here are a bunch of the recent things that I have been raving over! ;)
White big leather satchel bag:   :   :
For Christmas I got a cute small white messenger bag (similar to this one) and I have been obsessed with this cute bags! They are so simple yet add such a great touch to an outfit!
I found these cute shoes on Pinterest and now I can not stop pinning them! They are too cute! I think they would look awesome with a pink sweater or really anything! #sofun
And these type of sunglasses! (yes, I am aware that it is the end of December and soon it will be getting cold) but I just love this shape of sunglasses! They seem to be really "in" right now! and I totally love this trend!
 :   :   :
Pretty and delicate colors
I have been LOVING pretty colors like soft blush pinks, whites, rose gold, light browns, light blues and yeah! These photos go together so beautifully and really give the feel that I have been loving!
 :   :  :  
This hairstyle is too cool! I have seen (and obsessed over) faux half up half down hairstyles but I love it even better when the hair is all up! So cool and unique!
I am obsessed with pastel colors and also pastel hair! Especially this beautiful color!
And simple ponytails! Although this hairstyle is very simple I really like how it looks from adding some hair wrapped around or even a fun hair tie!
 :   :
Ok, so this is by far not a "new" obsession I have loved unicorns for a looong time, But this obsession has just really been focused on lately!
I will try to make this short cause I could go on and on for ever about my love for unicorns!
but anyway, I LOVE unicorns! They are my spirit animal!
I just happen to be part unicorn, and yes, unicorns are a big part of ma life! ;P
If you also are a unicorn enthusiast let me know in the comments! ;)
 :   :  Aspyn Ovard (@aspynovard) • Instagram photos and videos:
pink, blue and gold room décor
So this kind of goes with the "pretty colors" category but I have been obsessed with cute rooms! I love the Youtuber Aspyn Ferris's style! It is so fun yet so beautiful!
 :   :   :
This style of drawing is so cute! I love how simple and bold it is! <3
What have you been obsessed with lately?
Stay Magical

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