Elly Lily: Daily December-5

Saturday, December 5

Daily December-5

Hello wonderful friends! I hope that you all are having a magical day!
Today's prompt is to share what you did, loved, wore etc this week!
So that is what I am going to do!
I did...
I didn't do to much this week. On Monday mostly blogging and school
Pretty much the same as Monday
My friends and I all went to the thrift shop to get stuff for a project we are working on and then went back to my house to work some on it.
My sisters, mom, and I all went to the mall and had fun trying on clothes and going to starbucks and such! (also getting lots of Christmas gifts for friends and such)
school, blogging, and playing a board game with my dad.
then we come to today! Of which I am blogging, and I plan on working on my room and some other stuff. :)
I loved...
I have been somehow gotten more obsessed with Starbucks then ever! Aghhh! It is just so yummy!
I have also been kinda obsessed with bears for some reason! When I was younger I had a big teddy bear collection and loved bears and I guess all of a sudden the obsession has come back at me!
Bright colors
I always love bright colors but lately I have been especially loving pink and teal/tiffany blue 
Fur coats
yep! The fur coat obsession has only gotten worse or should I said even better!
I listened to...
 :   20 ‘Black and White’ Qlty Babes | Click for more awesome galleries of beautiful women!:
I pinned...
.:   :  
 :   :  :
 :   :   :
And lastly since I am OBSESSED with Pinterest I had to share with you a few of my favorite pins of this week!
What was the highlight of your week?
Stay Magical