Elly Lily: Daily December-8

Tuesday, December 8

Daily December-8

So for this challenge I had no idea what to do for it, but then I thought! "Hey! Maybe it would be fun to share my opinion on different Harry Potter ships!"
So that is what I am going to do for you all today, since I love harry potter and I have a few opinions on different ships, (since there are a lot of them!) 
WARNING-this post contains a few spoilers 
Harry +Hermione
I do not ship this at all. The whole thing in the book is that they were just such good friends! and that they didn't have to be "together" and could just be like brother and sister to each other and yeah, I just love their friendship and do not ship this.
I don't ship this either. it could be really cool for a slytherin and Griffindor main character couple, but I prefer Ron and Hermione.
I kinda like this one, I think this would have made a good ship. the book would have to have gone a lot different, but I do like this, still love romione but this one is good too. ;)
I think this ship is too cute! I love them together! Though, I do like their "movie version" ship better then them in the books, cause in the books luna seems to freek him out a little, :P But I still love this ship and wish that it had actually happened!
I really like this ship! I mean if it hadn't happened in the books it would seem kinda weird. But I do love the idea of the sidekick ending up with the main girl character, instead of harry. ;)
I like this ship! I like how the ended up together in the end when it was pretty obvious for the whole film that Ginny liked him,  ;) But yeah, I like this one!
So those are all of the ships that I am going to talk about today! ;) Have your read harry potter? what is your favorite HP ship?


  1. When you started to talk about ships and I thought it was going to be actual ships. Like that sail on the sea.

  2. I admit to liking Neville and Luna together. I didn't really like how everybody got married in the end, but I like how some of the matches were unexpected(for instance, Neville and Hannah Abbot.)

    1. I agree! And yeah, now that I think about it, I do like how some were unexpected! :)