Elly Lily: Daily Decmber-12

Sunday, December 13

Daily Decmber-12

Lately it has been really warm here, which is really weird cause usually it is pretty cold in December and not feeling like early summer! ;) But anyway the trends that I have been loving and pinning (when it is too warm to wear them) are...
Animal Ears
I love cat ears and also love any kind of animal ear headbands! I have been especially loving reindeer ears this season! They are just so cute and fun! <3
 :   :
Fur Coats and Fluffy Shirts
As you all know I LOVE fur coats and also I am really getting into fluffy knit sweaters which seem to be really in lately!
 :   :
Big Knit Hats and Scarves
What also has seem to be in lately are big knit hats and scarves I love the look of a big warm scarf! They are so cozy and make a great winter essential!
Sequin skirt.:
Sparkly Pieces
I have seen a lot of sparkly dresses, shirts, skirts and even pants this holiday season and I love this trend! It is so festive and cute! Also perfect for a Christmas party! :)
 :   :
With classy suits, artistic coats, and chic dresses there are so many cool simple and modern clothing that I have seen on Pinterest and such! I love how out of the box and the shapes of the garments! This is defiantly one of my favorite trends!
Also this is yesterdays prompt but I wasn't able to post it then so here it is now! and I probably wont be able to get today's post up today but I will try my hardest to get today's and tomorrow's up tomorrow so I will be caught up! ;)
What is your favorite Winter trend?


  1. I absolutely love big hats, too! And ohmygosh reindeer antlers yeses.

    1. IKR! I agree those things are awesome!
      thanks for commenting Ellie!

  2. We love sparkly pieces too, especially for the party/festive season :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  3. Thanks for commenting!
    I will totally check out your post! :)