Elly Lily: Last Day to enter my six word story contest

Monday, December 14

Last Day to enter my six word story contest

Hello everyone! This is just a quick note that today is the last day to enter my Six word story!
If you have not entered and would really like to click HERE!
You have to get your entry in by tomorrow so enter now for a chance to win! :)
Tomorrow I will post-
the winner
a picture stated that you won (for you to put on your blog if you like)
and links to all of the other amazing entries!
Thank you to all who have entered so far! <3


  1. I really liked this contest, but I wanted to know if you received my email with my story. I would hate to have not entered.


  2. I just got your email for the contest. It came on the 15 instead of the 14. I sent you my entry along with Hannah who is on The 3 Musketeers with me. I understand completely, though,if our entries are to late.