Elly Lily: 2 tags and an award

Tuesday, February 23

2 tags and an award

hello everyone
and welcome back to my blog!
i have recently gotten tagged by a few wonderful bloggers to do some tags so that is what i will be doing in this little post!
there are three tags (well one of them is an award but it is easier to just say tags)
so this might take a little while<but it will be fun!
so everyone make yourselves at home. grab a cup of coffee. sprinkle some glitter in there for good measure. and enjoy this post. <3
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
sits right down on the floor
slowly grabs magical cup of coffee from nowhere
slowly sips coffee waiting for you all to get comfy and cozy and ready for this post
realizes that this intro is getting a little long
quickly sets down coffee while spilling some on self
gets down to business to defeat this post! <mulan moment there!
anyways, lets just get right into it shall we! <3

Liebster award

the first "tag" is the liebster award<which is the award not tag one> i was nominated by Bri Nicole to do this tag. thank you so much for nominating me bri! i am so exited to do this award!
+link the person who nominated you+
+answer all 11 question+
+nominate 11 bloggers+
 +let them know you nominated them+
who is your biggest inspiration? 

alisha marie and taylor swift. they are both so positive and amazing! i love alisha marie's youtube channel and instagram, and i obsess over her twenty four seven. and taylor is such an amazing song writer and music artist! my sister and i have been obsessing over her outfit for the grammys and hyperventilate every time we talk about it!
favorite food

i don't really have a favorite food but i love sushi, pizza, and trail mix! 
biggest pet peeve
i don't know why, but i hate it when a song is supposed to go one way and then people sing it a different way and then it ruins the song and yeah. i like songs to be sung in the right tune, speed, and tone. lyrics are fine though cause i myself mess up on lyrics, and that is easy to do! :)
country you'd love to visit

i have always wanted to go to england. i love british accents, and cute british things. especially harry potter. plus i am half british so that would be cool to go there! my grandmother actually had a british accent! :D
thoughts on bullying

i wish that bullying wasn't a problem. i don't know how someone could ever go up to someone and be super mean by what they say or do to another person to make themselves feel better.

bullies usually have insecurities themselves so why make someone else have insecurities.

we are all people and we should have each others backs cause we all are in the same boat here.

i am actually in a play at the moments, where we are putting on 100 dresses which is a play about bullying. and while i watch onstage the cast acting out the girls who bully another girl it is so sad and even sadder that it actually happens in real life. :(
favorite artist

do you watch tv?
yes, just one or two episodes before bed with my family or sisters. ;)
why do you blog?
i blog because it is a great outlet to get creative and i love the big amazing community of bloggers!
favorite bloggers

i don't have a favorite blogger because i have many but some bloggers that i love are

how many years have you been blogging?

i have been blogging for about three years.

why did you decide to put your thoughts on the internet?

pretty much cause i just thought it would be fun! i was ten so i wasn't blogging for some huge reason like inspire other and such. if you would like to visit my first blog you may if you dare but it is very random. here is a link to my very first post.

anyone who would like to do it!
sorry i am going to just do this instead of eleven bloggers.
1. when did you start blogging?
2. why did you start blogging?
3. favorite book?
4. biggest fangirl moment?
5. favorite piece of clothing that you own?
6. song that is always in your head?
7. favorite blogs?
8. blogging schedule?
9. do you have any pets?
10. who/what inspires you the most?
11. what is your biggest passion?

infinity dreams tag
the next tag is the infinity dreams tag.
i was tagged by anna and celia to do this tag cause i didn't run fast enough.
jk! thank you both for tagging me! <3
+Thank the Blogger who tagged you
+Tell us 11 facts about yourself
+Answer the 11 questions given to you
+Tag 11 bloggers (and come up with 11 new questions for them)

i love unicorns
i dream of becoming a singer and fashion designer
i have a youtube channel. check it out here!
i have naturally curly hair
lately i have been loving pastel pink and blue
i love to act and sing
my favorite fictional character is luna lovegood
alisha marie is my life goals
i am a potterhead at heart
i ones broke my arm from falling off of a unicorn *cough* *cough* scooter and it was a great day cause i had always wanted a cast for people to sign
at the moment i am obsessed with the song smoke and fire by Sabrina carpenter
anna's questions
year without reading or music?

a year without reading, i love reading but music would be harder to go without.
would you rather have really short or really long hair? 
really long hair. i have been trying to grow it out but it has been the same length for a while and i am trying to get it super long!
if you had to live in a fictional world, what world would you live in?
defiantly harry potter! cause it is the best book ever and it would be so cool to actually go to Hogwarts and hogsmead and diagon ally and be in the wizarding world! 
december or july?
December i like the cold better. but it always changes when the seasons actually come so when it is july i could be saying that i like that better!
what's your current favorite song?
smoke and fire by Sabrina carpenter. i love the beat and tune and Sabrina's voice is so beautiful singing that song!
longest you've ever gone without sleep?
i am not sure, probably on a sleepover with my friends like on new years eve.
what color shirt are you wearing? 
light blue.
chocolate or vanilla
vanilla! though they are both good!
favorite quote? 
there are a lot of quotes that i love so it is hard to pick a favorite but lately i have been loving these two quotes one of them which is from hp.
last book you read
the last book that i read was The Son of Neptune in the second percy Jackson series! and now I am reading The Mark of Athena!
movie you hate and why? 
this is the same answer as my sister celia but it is "the Grinch" as she said we tried and tried to watch it but try as we might it was still terrible. and yeah, i did not like that movie.
thank you for tagging me anna! your questions were awesome and i had a great time answering them!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
celia's questions
last movie you watched
"the emperors new groove" my little sister was watching it while i was watching this post (it just ended a minute ago)
what is on the walls of the room you are in? 
i am currently in the "play room/bonus room" of our house.
wall on my left- my moms desk, and the couch with a window above it.
wall in front of me-two doll houses, pin up board, and Ollie's god crate
wall on my right-door, tv, clock, craft closet, and another closet
wall behind me- a window, and a desk and chair with a sewing machine on top
if you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
probably taylor swift! ooh! or jk rowling that would be awesome!
what did you do for your last birthday?
i had a sleepover with my two besties which was lots of fun!
what are some things that scare you?
one of my biggest fears is orca whales/killer whales or really anything in the dark deep ocean i don't like the feeling (or to think of) floating above the ocean and you have no idea whats under you and there could be a huge body of a whale under you and it could come up under you and kill you and yeah. i don't like the deep dark ocean.
even though, i watched this movie about sea world and how they mistreat the animals and whales there and such and it is so sad, i just don't like the hugeness f them and underwater.
favorite part of today so far?
probably writing this post! :)
best decision you ever made?
hmm.. i am not sure. probably to either start reading harry potter or something. i really don't know.
how tall are you?
about 5'3 or 5'4
what color socks are you wearing?
plain dark grey socks
favorite color?  
pastel pink!
best day of your life, so far?
i don't really have a "best day ever" but anytime with my friends is a blast!
thank you celia for tagging me! i had a lot of fun answering your questions!
1. what are you wearing right now?
2. what is the hardest part of blogging?
3. what is the easiest?
4. when did you start blogging?
5. when are you happiest?
6. favorite film?
7. what is one of your favorite posts to write?
8. what is the cutest animal you can think of?
9. how would you explain your style?
10. what are you the most passionate about?
11. favorite part of this tag?


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  3. It's so cool that your grandmother had a British accent! I would love to go to Italy, especially Rome and Venice.
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    1. Thanks Ellie!
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