Wednesday, June 8


Do you have a busy schedule?
Are you struggling with balancing your "to do" list?
And does your brain currently feel like it is going to explode?

If your answers were all yes! yes! and yes! Then keep reading for four ways to clear your brain, effectively plan your schedule, and organize your life!

Life can get crazy, And sometimes we need to step back, do a little organizing and come back with a clear vision.
Here are my top four ways for keeping a clear mind.

1 meditate

Before you attack the tasks take some time to sit down and meditate.
meditating is the perfect way to get rid of stress and clear your mind.
Focus on your breath, and for a few minutes be aware of what is going on inside your head.

I like to listen to music, and pretend I am walking around inside my mind, putting everything in it's place and checking up on things.

Visualize your day going perfectly and you accomplishing all of your activities.

2 jot your thoughts

Having trouble focusing because you feel as if you have a million little thoughts in your head?

Take those thoughts to paper and jot down anything that comes to mind.

Whether its an idea about to burst in your head or something as simple as "what to eat for breakfast"
Write down how you are feeling and get those thoughts out of your head and on paper.

3 organize your space

When your work space is messy you feel messy.
Go through your things and only keep the essentials, 
There is a great video on how to simplify your desk by Christine Kobzeff Check that out here!

Toss out anything that you haven't used in the last few months, If you haven't used it now, you probably wont be using it anytime soon.

4 plan and prepare

Planning for a busy week or a busy day is essential.
Plan out when you are going to complete tasks and stick to your plans.

There are a lot of apps that can make planning a breeze, like notes, pages, and reminders.
And you can never go wrong with a good planner!

Have a long to do list?
Try listing your tasks from most important to least important so you make sure to accomplish the most important things first!


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  1. ELLY THIS IS ALL SO AMAZING AND SOOOO TRUE!!! I am CONSTANTLY trying to organize my life!!! I am definitely going to be thinking about these things next time a have a mid-week stress breakdown.

    I can 100% relate to meditating, IT WORKS SO WELL!!! Also planning things out is a total life-saver!! Some of my finds like to tease me about my incredibly detailed and well-thought out planner, BUT I SWEAR IT'S THE ONLY REASON I'M FUNCTIONING LIKE A NORMAL PERSON EVERY DAY!
    LOVED THIS POST *hugs*

    1. Thank you Emily!! So glad this is helpful!
      And yes! Planning and meditating work amazingly!
      I totally get you on the detailed planning, It is so helpful!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Nabila! Your comments always make my day! <3

  3. Oh these were great tips! I'm definitely gonna use every single one of them :)

    ~ Rukiya

    1. Why! Thank you Rukiya! So glad these are helpful and you like them! :)

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