Elly Lily: July 2016

Wednesday, July 27


July is wrapping up, which is crazy! And we are beginning to descend into the wonderful month of August! August can usually be pretty simple since there are not much Holidays and it is also the month of going back to school.

But this August is going to be a little different, this August is not going to be a drab boring August.
Because this August, I introduce to you all...

Serenity's Aspiring August Challenge!

What is this so called "Serenity's Aspiring August Challenge" you say?

Well, Keep on reading because this is going to be good!

what is it?

Get ready because this upcoming month
you are going to become strong, confident, and able to take on the world.

For the whole month of August I am going to be doing posts on..

- self love and self improvement -
-how to and overcoming -
- guest writers -
- confidence -
-and becoming yourself-

This month is going to be all about YOU!

YOU will become the best, possible, version of yourself that you can be.

This August is the month for growth.

how to join

The best part? You can join in!

Every week of August there will be a topic and a challenge for you!

The challenges will have to do with the topic and will boost your self esteem, help someone out, and spread positivity!

tell yo friends!

Spread the love! Tell your friends and family!

And get exited for a month of fun, growth, self love, and awesomeness!






Wednesday, July 20


Have you recently started a blog? thinking of starting one? or have a blog?

yes? yes? yes? Well great! Because this weeks post I share my top 4 awesome tips to creating an amazing blog, having fun with your content, and becoming successful online!

First I would love to say that although it is very fun and awesome to go big with your blog and try to create a successful blog, I also want to state that you totally don't  have to have a huge focus on your blog and blogging is also super fun if you are just looking for a place to share your life and express yourself a bit! Never feel pressured to have a super big blog,
and never ever compare your site to others!
Either way is fabulous and it is really up to you on how much you want to spend with your blog!

Let's get right into the tips!

The first and one of the most important things to do when starting a blog is to have a great design!
Your design/layout is the first thing that readers see when stumbling upon your site and is what draws them in for more!
Make sure that your design is user friendly and expresses the feel and what your blog is about!
You want viewers to automatically know that you blog is about writing, art, fashion, etc
If you are not too familiar with designing blogs, I would recommend investing in someone doing it for you, There a lot of great designers out there and they are pretty cheap too!
Eve's Gardens of Designs is a great design shop and her designs are beautiful!
Create an about page. An about page is a must, Once users have looked at your design they most likely want to have more information about you and your blog!
I read this article on How To Create an About Page which was super helpful!

The content is what will bring users back for more.
Create awesome content and that you are proud of and you enjoy making!
Never create content that you don't love, it shows through the post and is not fun for the viewers or you! Put together posts that have things to do that you love and that make you smile!

Be consistent.
Whether you post twice a week or every other week have a constant flow of posts,
If you post frequently and are consistent readers can depend on awesome posts and look forward to them! So keep making awesome posts and get into the flow of it!

Now it is time to shout out your blog and get yourself out there!

I suggest either setting up an Intagram account or sharing your posts through Pinterest!
Follow other bloggers, comment on posts you like, and enjoy the blogging community!

Don't be afraid to share some "self promo"
But when commenting on others posts try not to get to commercial crazy!
Keep it simple and friendly with a comment on how you love there photos or a compliment on how their writing is superb! Then leave a link after you statement saying something like "I also have a blog" or really nothing else.

And the last and most important tip is to have fun with blogging!

Express yourself through your posts
have fun writing and replying to comments
Make blogging friends

And always remember to do it for you and nobody else!

Wednesday, July 13


Hello friends!
This week I came up with not one, not two, but ten awesome ideas to make your summer 2016 an amazing one!

So, whether you're bored stiff without a clue what to do, or you have some free time and want to do something fun and different, this list will have a bunch of fantastic things for you to do!

1   C R E A T E  A  M O O D B O A R D

Need some inspiration in your life? ...Yes! Then this project is for you!
I love creating moodboards/inspiration collages, They are so much fun and you can make them so many different ways!
Like, on an editing app using pinterest and photos you find online
by cutting out pages from magazines and arranging them on a board or wall
printing photographs you love and adding other things like stickers, glitter, and other cute things
or by simply making a pinterest board of photos that get you motivated!

Moodboards are also very versatile! You can make them huge and you can also make them tiny!
I stumbled upon this beautiful diy for this adorable inspiration collage/to do list

2   B A K E  S O M E T H I N G

Lately I have been obsessed with the amazing Rosanna Pansino's baking channelher videos are so cute and the sweets she makes always look mouth watering!
This summer I thought it would be the coolest thing to find a recipe (online or in a cook book) and try to recreate it!
You have fun making it and plus you have a yummy treat to eat and share after words!

3   H A V E  A N  A R T S Y  P A R T Y

Invite some friends over...or invite your cat over if you are like me!
And establish the best, most artsiest party ever.
Find diys on yotube and make them, make some yummy treats, set up fun decorations, and plan awesome things to do!
Your party doesn't have to be huge with tons of people coming over, It can literally be just you in an awesome fort with fairy lights, a yummy snack, and a good book to read!

4   P A I N T  A  P R E T T Y  P I C T U R E

These past few days I have been loving to sit down with some art supplies, paper, music and paint!
It is super therapeutic and such a pleasant thing to do!
It is also super cool to see how your painting skills progress the more you paint!
Even if you think "oh, I am not good at painting!"
You'll be amazed at how your paintings and style grows through the doing!

5   S T A R T  A  Y O U T U B E  C H A N N E L

This summer start a YouTube channel or a blog! It is super fun to do and has endless things to do with it, so you will never be bored!
grab a camera be it a fancy camera or simply your phone, film/photograph yourself doing something you love and share it with the world!
Maybe you love fashion and putting together beautiful outfits and lookbooks?
or you are passionate about spreading self love and motivating people!
you can share your art, photography, tips and tricks, wisdom, and pretty much anything else online!

Also! If you have a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account or anything else that you would like to shoutout! Comment down below with a link! I would love to see all of your creative awesomeness!

6   M I N I M I Z E  /  O R G A N I Z E  Y O U R  R O O M


This summer I have been focusing a lot on going through my things and simplifying everything!
Get rid of all the extra clutter and anything that does not bring you joy or you don't use.
When your space is clean and you don't have many extra things that distract you, you feel so much more focused and have a much clearer vision of what you need and what you have no use for!

7   M A K E  A  S U M M E R  P L A Y L I S T

Get some songs that you love and find new songs to obsess over and create a summer playlist!
I love making different playlists for different times like the morning, working out, and being productive!

8   D O  A N  A W E S O M E  W O R K O U T

Lately I have been doing the workout videos from the wonderful Cassey Ho's channel
She is so motivating and positive and her videos are such fun to do!
Working out is tons of fun to do, makes you feel awesome afterword, and gets you strong and healthy!
This summer, create a Pinterest board of workout photos like healthy foods and cute exercise clothes,  look at your board to get motivated and excited to workout!
Just remember, working out is simply for fun and something to do to get you stronger, Never feel pressured to do it, and never, ever workout just to look good.
Do it for yourself, because you love it, because YOU want to feel strong and healthy, because YOU deserve it!

9   T R Y  O N E  N E W  T H I N G

This summer try at least one new thing that puts you out of your comfort zone
and even scares you a little bit!
dye or cut your hair differently, completely rearrange your room, try talking and being more social, start a youtube channel, wear something that is a little unusual that you love but never had the guts to actual go for, or go to some kind of social interaction like a camp!
This summer I went to an acting camp for the second time, For some reason I felt very nervous and less outgoing then usual, But by the end of it I was totally glad that I pushed through and did it, Because it turned out to be super fun and I really enjoyed it!
"feel the fear and do it anyway" is a quote that I love and goes with this subject!

1 0   R E A D  A  G O O D  B O O K

And the last idea is to snuggle up inside and read a good book!
Books are pretty much perfection! They take you to a whole different world and you forget about everything else, It is almost like you are watching a movie but even better!
This summer I finished the Percy Jackson series, Of which I have been reading for...about two years.
Anyway, They were great books and I especially loved the characters Nico and Leo.
I also started The Hunger Games! I have already read the first book and "oh. my. goodness"
They are amazing books! The writing style is flawless and the characters are perfection!
Reading is such a fun pastime and the perfect thing to do when you are bored!




Wednesday, July 6


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! This week's post is going to be a good one because (1) I am in a fantastic mood caused from getting Starbucks, new stationary, and an early productive start on the day! And (2) this post is all about confidence and how to create a confident vibe in what ever you do!

don't compare
First I would like to say that creating confidence is a journey and  does not happen overnight.

Everyone goes through their own adventure of creating confidence and becoming comfortable in their own skin. So never ever compare yourself to others and think "why am I so awkward and shy?" or "why cant I be comfortable in myself?" throw those thoughts away...right now. Just toss them out of your mind, those thoughts are such a waste of time and you don't deserve to be telling yourself that.

Keep in mind that everyone has either gone through or is going through a time where they don't feel very confident in who they are or how they look, I certainly am not perfectly confident and I do find myself being shy and awkward, but just like everyone I am on the journey of creating confidence and becoming me. It takes time to get to a point where you can say that you truly love yourself.

Never compare your journey to someone else's because they have a different story and are in a different place then you.

you are awesome!

The first step in creating confidence is knowing that you are awesome

You deserve your love! Always start the day off looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you are beautiful, hard working, incredible, etc. YOU ARE WORTH IT!
Tell yourself that you are an amazing human being and you can light up the whole world!
Don't care if people mistake you for being vain.
vain is thinking you are prettier and better then everyone else. Confidence is know that you are pretty and awesome and also knowing that everyone else is amazing as well.

I found this amazing quote that goes perfectly with this subject:


Do whatever makes you happy, set out little inspirational notes for yourself, tell yourself and others "you are awesome!" wear whatever crazy outfits you want, Do you.

fake it till you are it

There was a fantastic TED talk where Amy Cuddy talked about the "power pose" and how body language shapes your self esteem. Check it out here 

In the video she tells us how the way we hold ourselves effect your confidence.
The next time you are having a social gathering of any sort, Carry yourself with confidence, don't hold yourself in a small pose and walk sheepishly around the room.
There was also this great article on "How to Fake Confidence" of which you should totally go read,
Check that out here!

She also mentions to "fake it till you are it"
Meaning fake confidence. pretend that you are confident and comfortable in your body.
Fake it till you become it.

never apologize

Okay so of course you must apologize for things like hurting someone and that sort of thing.
But never apologize for being you.
Never come across like your opinion doesn't matter.
Saying things like "It's just an idea" or "but, I am fine with anything"
Get your ideas out there and don't ever apologize for living.
You deserve to give out ideas, be confident, and life your life to the fullest just as much as anyone else!
don't hold back

Live your life the fullest.
like something? Put your heart into it, love it, go at it full swing
Workout and eat healthy food. Your body is worth taking care of.
Wear fun clothing, decorate your room. Express yourself in anything you do.
Do little things that make you happy.
call yourself a silly nickname, dye your hair and cut it, wear lots of makeup, wear no makeup,
smile a tone, make dorky puns and jokes, get obsessed over books, listen to music, dance crazily in your room. love whoever you want,

Be you and don't ever stop to apologize, think of other useless opinions, or think of yourself badly.
treat yourself like your best friend.

Go take on the day and rock this!