Iridescent Auras: 4 BLOGGING TIPS

Wednesday, July 20


Have you recently started a blog? thinking of starting one? or have a blog?

yes? yes? yes? Well great! Because this weeks post I share my top 4 awesome tips to creating an amazing blog, having fun with your content, and becoming successful online!

First I would love to say that although it is very fun and awesome to go big with your blog and try to create a successful blog, I also want to state that you totally don't  have to have a huge focus on your blog and blogging is also super fun if you are just looking for a place to share your life and express yourself a bit! Never feel pressured to have a super big blog,
and never ever compare your site to others!
Either way is fabulous and it is really up to you on how much you want to spend with your blog!

Let's get right into the tips!

The first and one of the most important things to do when starting a blog is to have a great design!
Your design/layout is the first thing that readers see when stumbling upon your site and is what draws them in for more!
Make sure that your design is user friendly and expresses the feel and what your blog is about!
You want viewers to automatically know that you blog is about writing, art, fashion, etc
If you are not too familiar with designing blogs, I would recommend investing in someone doing it for you, There a lot of great designers out there and they are pretty cheap too!
Eve's Gardens of Designs is a great design shop and her designs are beautiful!
Create an about page. An about page is a must, Once users have looked at your design they most likely want to have more information about you and your blog!
I read this article on How To Create an About Page which was super helpful!

The content is what will bring users back for more.
Create awesome content and that you are proud of and you enjoy making!
Never create content that you don't love, it shows through the post and is not fun for the viewers or you! Put together posts that have things to do that you love and that make you smile!

Be consistent.
Whether you post twice a week or every other week have a constant flow of posts,
If you post frequently and are consistent readers can depend on awesome posts and look forward to them! So keep making awesome posts and get into the flow of it!

Now it is time to shout out your blog and get yourself out there!

I suggest either setting up an Intagram account or sharing your posts through Pinterest!
Follow other bloggers, comment on posts you like, and enjoy the blogging community!

Don't be afraid to share some "self promo"
But when commenting on others posts try not to get to commercial crazy!
Keep it simple and friendly with a comment on how you love there photos or a compliment on how their writing is superb! Then leave a link after you statement saying something like "I also have a blog" or really nothing else.

And the last and most important tip is to have fun with blogging!

Express yourself through your posts
have fun writing and replying to comments
Make blogging friends

And always remember to do it for you and nobody else!


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    1. Thank you Nabila! Happy you enjoyed these tips! <3

  2. I love this awesome tips!

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    1. Hello Skyy! So happy that you liked these tips!

      I also, Checked out your blog! It is amazing!! I love the post called "Get The Look: Riley Mathews!!
      It was so awesome! And that is so cool that you like Girl Meets World! I love that show! Who's your favorite character?
      Anyway, Keep up the truly fantastic work with your blog! I love it so much!! <3