Wednesday, August 10


Hello everyone!
I am so glad that you all enjoyed the last Aspiring August post "Saying Goodbye to Negativity"
This weeks theme is "Loving Yourself"
Coming to terms with yourself and loving yourself can be a very hard and bumpy road to take,
Here is my inspiration and motivation on learning to love yourself!


The first and most important step in loving yourself is to know that
you. are. worth. it.
You are worth the work.
You deserve good friends. You deserve good care. and you deserve to love yourself.

It is okay to love yourself.
You are a beautiful person with a beautiful heart, brain, and body and you deserve to be treated like a queen/king.
Whatever it takes to make yourself happy and however much work it takes to love yourself.
Just remember that you are worth it.


Look back on a few years from now, Look at how much you have grown.
Even if it is just a little growth it is amazing because you are reading this right now and you are still growing. Your story is such a beautiful one and it does not deserve to be judged especially by you.

What have you accomplished in the last two years? Where were you then and where are you now?
It may be just a small change or it may be a big change but for whatever change and for whatever reason you are still here growing and improving and doing it for you.

Give yourself a hug!
It may seem silly but still do it. Give yourself a hug for what you have overcome and what you are going to overcome, give yourself a hug for what you are going through and what you are fighting.
Give yourself a hug for being you.
Look back on your journey, look forward to your journey, look around at your journey.
And respect that whatever place you are trying to reach.
Know that you will get there, it may take time,
But you can do this.


You are such a beautiful person.
Loving and feeling confident in the way you look is such a hard thing to find.
In the beginning of this year, I wasn't very confident in the way I looked or dressed.
Of course there are times when I don't feel extremely confident now, but I feel like I have really improved and grown to like the way I look. And you can too.

Once you have grown to knowing that you are worth it and you respect yourself.
Loving the way you look becomes so much easier.

Because if you respect yourself you aren't going to think of yourself as "ugly"
Treat yourself as if you are your best friend!
You would never think that your best friend is ugly or that she doesn't look good in her clothes.
You would more likely compliment her and say she looks great!
So do that to yourself, Tell yourself that you look great and that you can rock anything!

Taking care of yourself is also a big thing in liking the way you look,
Eat healthy, exercise, bath, clean your skin, wash your hair, brush you teeth, stand tall, and dress well

You deserve to be properly taken care of and told you are beautiful.
Don't bully yourself and be hard on yourself.
Also, when working out never ever do it do lose weight just cause you want to look a certain way.
Do it because it is fun and it makes you feel good.

We all have different body types that we are born with and although eating healthy fruits and veggies and exercising is a great thing to do to stay fit,
Love your body know matter how it looks and stay fit to stay healthy, not to look good.

You are so beautiful, I hope you know and learn to know that.


And lastly, Don't take yourself too seriously!

Laugh at yourself, have fun, and don't worry of what others will think.

You can only keep yourself from thinking badly about yourself, but you cant control others,
which is okay! Because the only opinion that matters is yours!

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  1. This is amazing! I feel very uplifted after reading your fabulous post!!! Great work!!

  2. Lovely post, Elly! :)

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

  3. This speaks to me so much...thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    Sarah ||

  4. great post!
    and you are so adorable <3