Thursday, September 29


Hello Everyone, Hope you all are having a wonderful day!
This weeks post is coming to you on Thursday instead of Wednesday, why? Might you ask?
Well, Yesterday just happened to be my birthday! (Yay!) And I was not able to get this post up,
But.. Here it is today!

A few days ago we stopped over at a cute little pumpkin patch a couple of minutes from us!
It was a beautiful day, I was dressed in fall attire, and pumpkins are adorable!
So I took some fall themed photos!
I also, wanted to talk about getting rid of the old and in with the new! since fall is arriving and fall is all about letting dead things fall in order for the new things to arrive! That is what I am going to be talking about!

Letting things go can and will be hard.
we hold onto things so dear to our hearts hoping for something to hold back
we get stuck on ideas, or people, or things
we make them more then they are
there is nothing else in our thoughts but them
so they grow to fill the space

We begin to believe that these things are everything
our path in narrowed and we can already see the end
at the end we see what we truly want
what makes our heart soar
what makes us feel full
what makes us smile
and laugh
and cry

We want those things so badly that we our blinded by the feeling
and we forget what gives that feeling
we except other ideas, or people, or things
and beg them to give us that light at the end of the tunnel

but that light was inside of us all along
and the ideas, and people, and things have there own light.

When we allow ourselves to let go
to loosen our grip on what we thought was us
to step back and see the full picture
and to feel empty for a moment

Then we can find our goals, our dreams, and our priorities
by letting the dead things run free
we are able to find that light in the tunnel
and all of sudden
there are steps along that tunnel
and the tunnel becomes a path.

Hope you liked that little piece of writing that I did!
Lately, I have been focusing on letting things go and finding my actual goal
Finding what I love
Learning who I am
and what I want to do

Remember, Letting things go is a hard process
You feel sad for a while
and confused

But in the end
the garden that you had with either, ideas, people, or things
dies away
and you are left with a blank space
to bloom


  1. Those photos are absolutelly so so so amazing!

  2. Very thought-invoking. Sometimes holding, even to something we love dearly, can keep us from moving forward.

    Happy birthday! Hope it was a good one.

    Ella ★ <a href="http://www.scribblesbyella.blogspot.com”>Simply Scribbles</a>