Elly Lily: November 2016

Wednesday, November 16

i am ready...

This year everything has changed
The me from the start is a stranger next to the me now
but, like strangers the more you talk, and unravel your thoughts you become friends
and that is what I have been doing

Friday, November 11

a growing spark

hello everyone!
The last couple of days have been tough.
I, like many have been both in shock and in sadness about the election results
It is horrifying that so many people in the world believe and stand for what the winning candidate says. I cant even fathom how the cruel things he states are considered okay in someone's mind.

Wednesday, November 9

embrace our differences

Today I was not planning on writing this post
I actually had a completely different post prepared
but, as this day has played out I feel the need to express my opinion and ideas

Wednesday, November 2

i am

I am still
I am growing
I am struggling
I am thriving
I am happy
I am sad
I am jealous
I am content
I am confident
I am scared
I am frustrated
I am sure
I am feared
I am fearing
I am gliding
I am pulling
I am tugging
I am moving
I am breathing
I am here

I am feeling
everything at once

effie trinket