Elly Lily: a growing spark

Friday, November 11

a growing spark

hello everyone!
The last couple of days have been tough.
I, like many have been both in shock and in sadness about the election results
It is horrifying that so many people in the world believe and stand for what the winning candidate says. I cant even fathom how the cruel things he states are considered okay in someone's mind.

it is sad and scary.
I am truly scared for what the future could contain.
and I am sad because the progress that so many have worked so hard for is going to be both taking a break for four years and start going in the opposite direction.

This is a dark time for America.
And we need to do everything we can to bring light into this country.

In the time I have noticed how amazing social media is.
We are able to mourn, comfort and connect together.
We are able to disagree and listen to others views.
and we are able to come together and fight.

Social media isn't just a place for millennials and teens to post selfies.
It is a place where many have inspired and spoken up.
It is a voice for young people and an outlet for those to spark motivation and hope.

The last couple of days I have noticed a great sadness on multiple medias.
but as the sadness softens I am beginning to feel and see it being replaced by a spark that is growing bigger and bigger.
A spark, a motivation and an overwhelming crave for change.

I have seen pictures and news of protests
where people are going out and using their voice
I have seen wonderful people come together and create projects and ideas
to stop us from completely turning in the other direction and to keep our rights.

I encourage you to act on this spark
You have a voice.
I don't care how old you are or who you are.
you can and will make a difference.
and If we all come together.
using our voices
and standing up for what we believe in
then that voice will become louder and stronger
that spark will light up this world
and that spark can not be ignored.
because this is our country.
and we will fight for it.


  1. All of us in the UK have been following the American Presidential Election. Like many, I am deeply saddened by the result and am hoping that peace will soon be restored across the states. As women, we need to stand for our rights and so do others. I wish you well! <3

    Lauren | Sincerely, Lauren Emily

    1. Hi Lauren!
      I 100 percent agree! Now more then ever it is important to fight for what we want.
      and stand up for equality among all!

  2. The youth of America can and will make a difference. We need to use our voices and our passion to do something. This election will affect the livelihoods and safety of so many, but we need to stand strong and push back. We are so lucky to have social media as an outlet and a resource. I can't wait to see how we bond together and keep history from reversing itself.


    1. Yes! Spoken so well!
      Young peoples voices are so important because we are going to become the new generation.
      But unfortunately they are also not taken very seriously!
      That's why it is awesome that we have social media as an outlet!

      Thanks for your thought provoking comment Ella! Keep up the great work! <3