Elly Lily: embrace our differences

Wednesday, November 9

embrace our differences

Today I was not planning on writing this post
I actually had a completely different post prepared
but, as this day has played out I feel the need to express my opinion and ideas

You may know what I am going to talk about already, and I also want to say that this is completely my opinion and although I encourage others to agree
I understand how truly important it is to have different ideas.
and I would love to chat in the comments about your ideas and motivations

Today. November, 9th, 2016
We all contributed/participated/and watched the USA Elections.
this was no ordinary election
and there was no ordinary outcome

I was not able to vote yet this year (next time though!)
but I feel that it is extremely important for young people to speak up, exercise their ideas, and help contribute to the future.

Although I do not believe in or support most of what the winning candidate stands for
I feel that there is and can be hope.

If we work hard to create a bright future

We are stronger together.
And no matter our differences. each one of our voices matter and should be heard.

So on this day of defeat.
Remember that tomorrow will be brighter.
Remember to keep creating art
Remember to spread love. because in the end that is everything
Embrace that the person sitting next to you has differences, and opinions
that they aren't you. but are them.
Know how special and wonderful that is. that we all have something different to bring to the table.
and that we can create something incredible if we all
stand side by side
spread love
and hold on to hope.


  1. Yes yess yess yess yes yes yes yes! I wholehearlty agree with all of this! I don't agree with who won as I very much wanted a girl president. But I do think that we should not have to be sad about. Instead keep fighting. Thanks for this!

    1. Thanks for your comment Nabila!
      And yes! Even though the result is saddening it is important to keep fighting for our beliefs!
      Keep up the amazing work! <3