Elly Lily: December 2016

Saturday, December 17

blogmas: entry 17 "winter essentials"

Now that winter has begun I wanted to share all of my winter essentials.
Here are all of the things that are must haves this winter!

Friday, December 16

blogmas: entry 16 "change of plans"

Today I have no inspiration I simply don't know what to post.
I want to write a poem but I don't know the words, I want to share some photos but the sun is going down, I want to pour my heart out but my heart isn't overflowing, I want to share something I am really proud of.
I want to create a post I love.
But today isn't just one of those days and instead of not posting at all
I have decided to stick to my word and post everyday.
I started this daily December posting because I wanted to feel inspired and I also wanted to share it as a new year/Christmas countdown.
But lately I haven't had many ideas of what to post so I have decided to keep doing blogmas and instead of continuing to the last day of the month make it end on Christmas eve.

That way it will be more of a Christmas event instead of a month thing.
I have loved doing this challenge because it has gotten my mind to open and get posting more
plus I have realized what posts make me the happiest to share!

But since I have been feeling very Christmassy lately this blogmas is going to be Christmas themed!
Get ready for eight more days of Christmas themed posts that will get you feeling festive!

Thank you for reading this post!
It wasn't the best but now I am feeling better and ready to start posting Christmas content!
Come back tomorrow for an awesome post!

Thursday, December 15

blogmas: entry 15 "falling into place"

My mind is a tangled whirl of thoughts.
I try to organize and go through them and toss some away.
But you cannot organize this chaos
you just have to join this game and play.

I used to feel overwhelmed by the war that is going on in my head.
I used to try and stop it but I've learned to except it instead.

Now as the winter's air is brisk, and cold
Things are falling into place like a story that has never been told.

I feel an empty space in my mind waiting to be filled.
filled with excitement, a rush of growing skills

I feel the start of something new on its way to me
and I feel ready standing here this time I will not flee.

Wednesday, December 14

blogmas: entry 14 "i love... a poem"

I fall in love with details,
the way one ties their shoelaces or has a habit of saying the same thing.
I love the details that create a person, because that is how we are drawn to people and that is how we make friends.
not by their labels but of what makes them, them.

I love the earth.
the way the earth is shaped, the sun coming through trees, the stars hanging above in the sky.
I love the feeling of the unreachable, the feeling you cant have something.

I love when someone loves themselves.
because I know it is hard to do.

I love anything anyone has ever tried.
I love the sound of cats purring and listening to my family talking as I fall asleep.
I love watching the sky turn from orange, to purple and then to pink.
I love the way someone smiles when they hear their favorite song.
I love the feeling of confidence when you know that you are great.

I love the world because it is bad and it is good.
I love the effort and the heartache the sadness that keeps going on
I love that the sadness leads to happiness and then creates a song.
I love typing my feelings into words, and sharing them as art.
I love the challenges and the things that can be hard.
I love the light and the darkness and the feeling of growth
And I love that everything exists that is what I love the most.

Monday, December 12

blogmas: entry 12 "4 steps to set goals and stick to them"

As we experience the last month of the year and another fresh start comes closer I have been thinking about how I want to start the new year and what my goals will be.

I watched an awesome video by the amazing Tessa Violet where she talked about setting goals and sticking to them. (sorry not sure which video it was, but check out her channel because they are all great!)
It inspired me to write this post because setting goals is a great thing to do and keeps you on track...
if you do it right, so I complied my 4 steps on how to make goals that you will follow through with.

Friday, December 9

blogmas: entry 9 "getting over someone"

Today's post's theme is "Getting Over Someone"
Getting over someone is really hard, it is difficult to distance yourself from someone who used to be close. But if you are in a toxic friendship/relationship with someone and it isn't allowing yourself to be happy and free to do whatever you want then it is important and necessary.
Sometimes you have to experience a little sadness to see the sun again.
I have really learned that that is so true.
It is just like the weather one day I will feel sad and the air is gloomy and dark, but then the next day it is almost always a bright, sunny day!

If you are going through that darkness and feeling lonely right now.
Here are some tips on how to get over someone:

Thursday, December 8

blogmas: entry 8 "future"

This night I lay on the ground, looking up at the sky.
The stars sprinkle the surface like glitter, blinking by
They are beautiful and I sit and stare
but only those in darkness can see them and there is sadness there.

Sunday, December 4

blogmas: entry 4 "you are worth it"

hello, its me.
you may not know me or you may
you are a person
maybe you love the sound of the rain, maybe you dream of places afar, maybe you drink your tea in a mug with a big handle,
maybe none of that is true, maybe you are the exact opposite
whoever you are, whatever you do,
I just want to say I love you.

Friday, December 2

blogmas: entry 2 "december to-do"

December To Do List:

-update social media profiles

-get ideas and work on my blog

-write at least two songs