Elly Lily: 3 outfits for any occasion

Saturday, December 24

3 outfits for any occasion

The holidays are in full swing and since around this time there are a lot of things to attend to
here are 3 festive outfits for any occasion!

Cute and Casual

This outfit is perfect for anything that you don't have to dress super fancy but still want to be cute and warm!
I got this sweater from a small shop near me and I have been wearing and loving it a lot this month
Another favorite are these boots! They are from Target and are the best things to wear in the winter!

Layered and Stylish

This is an outfit that is in between casual and fancy,
Layered is something I love to do in the colder months and I also love mixing patterns and textures!
These awesome booties are actually my moms and are from a thrift shop!
an easy/ budget friendly tip is to check out places like thrift shops and other places like that!
They usual have a bunch of cute items for super cheap!

Winter Formal

And lastly I have the fanciest outfit of this post!
Last year I got this amazing fake fur coat from Forever 21 and I am still in love!
The pink from it add some color to this outfit and also some flare!

And those are my go to looks for any occasion!
Which one was your favorite?

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