Elly Lily: blogmas: entry 12 "4 steps to set goals and stick to them"

Monday, December 12

blogmas: entry 12 "4 steps to set goals and stick to them"

As we experience the last month of the year and another fresh start comes closer I have been thinking about how I want to start the new year and what my goals will be.

I watched an awesome video by the amazing Tessa Violet where she talked about setting goals and sticking to them. (sorry not sure which video it was, but check out her channel because they are all great!)
It inspired me to write this post because setting goals is a great thing to do and keeps you on track...
if you do it right, so I complied my 4 steps on how to make goals that you will follow through with.

1. Make a List
Whether this is at the start of the year, start of the month, or right now, making a list of your top goals is important.
What is your ultimate goal, you may have a few.
Are these goals stepping stones to that big goal, Even if it is a small thing like writing a poem to add to a book you want to write or doing an activity that will help you gain experience.
Make a list of your goals and decide which are the most important and the ones that get you the most excited.
A trick that I love and is super helpful is the "RPM plan" by Tony Robbins
This planning system helps you organize your goals and put them into steps
Check out the video here

2. Set a Time Limit
In the video from Tessa Violet she encouraged to set goals that have an ending.
Don't say "from now on I will..." instead try "this month I will.."
By doing this it makes it easier to feel excited to do a task because you want to reach that goal and there will be a time where you will be happy that you did it because in the long run it helped you reach that month's or year's goal.

3. Plan the Steps
I find that when I just plan when I am going to do something I tend to be more willing if I am already prepared and I end up having more fun.
Plan and prepare the steps you need to do to help your future self in doing the task, say you want to go and take pictures in a new location make sure you have the tools and shot ideas you want in mind before you go.
This is a simple and obvious step but important to keeping you wanting to do new things!

4. Don't think. Do.
This is the last and most valuable step.
We get very caught up in the thinking of doing when we should just do.
Doing and carrying out with goals is actually pretty easy the hard part is starting, so stop thinking about starting and just plunge right in!
Try thinking of the doing as in a certain day or time instead of a vague future project, plan when you are going to do it and do it!

And that concludes my steps!
Comment below something that you accomplished that you are proud of just doing (can be small!) and/or something that you want to do!

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