Elly Lily: blogmas: entry 14 "i love... a poem"

Wednesday, December 14

blogmas: entry 14 "i love... a poem"

I fall in love with details,
the way one ties their shoelaces or has a habit of saying the same thing.
I love the details that create a person, because that is how we are drawn to people and that is how we make friends.
not by their labels but of what makes them, them.

I love the earth.
the way the earth is shaped, the sun coming through trees, the stars hanging above in the sky.
I love the feeling of the unreachable, the feeling you cant have something.

I love when someone loves themselves.
because I know it is hard to do.

I love anything anyone has ever tried.
I love the sound of cats purring and listening to my family talking as I fall asleep.
I love watching the sky turn from orange, to purple and then to pink.
I love the way someone smiles when they hear their favorite song.
I love the feeling of confidence when you know that you are great.

I love the world because it is bad and it is good.
I love the effort and the heartache the sadness that keeps going on
I love that the sadness leads to happiness and then creates a song.
I love typing my feelings into words, and sharing them as art.
I love the challenges and the things that can be hard.
I love the light and the darkness and the feeling of growth
And I love that everything exists that is what I love the most.


  1. This is the best.

    I love this poem.
    The way it makes me smile and think about how blessed we are to live in this world.

  2. This is gorgeous <3 you're quite talented!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  3. This is so beautiful Elly, I love it :) I think my favourite line is the one about sharing your words as art, I can relate to it a lot. To me shaping letters into words and words into sentences is like creating magic x