Elly Lily: blogmas: entry 16 "change of plans"

Friday, December 16

blogmas: entry 16 "change of plans"

Today I have no inspiration I simply don't know what to post.
I want to write a poem but I don't know the words, I want to share some photos but the sun is going down, I want to pour my heart out but my heart isn't overflowing, I want to share something I am really proud of.
I want to create a post I love.
But today isn't just one of those days and instead of not posting at all
I have decided to stick to my word and post everyday.
I started this daily December posting because I wanted to feel inspired and I also wanted to share it as a new year/Christmas countdown.
But lately I haven't had many ideas of what to post so I have decided to keep doing blogmas and instead of continuing to the last day of the month make it end on Christmas eve.

That way it will be more of a Christmas event instead of a month thing.
I have loved doing this challenge because it has gotten my mind to open and get posting more
plus I have realized what posts make me the happiest to share!

But since I have been feeling very Christmassy lately this blogmas is going to be Christmas themed!
Get ready for eight more days of Christmas themed posts that will get you feeling festive!

Thank you for reading this post!
It wasn't the best but now I am feeling better and ready to start posting Christmas content!
Come back tomorrow for an awesome post!

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  1. You are incredible and oh so real. I admire this post. <3